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Day: November 20, 2018

Investing your life

You can have the life with all colors, you can work, earn money and then spend it or you can choose to invest your life and pay the price now, so you could pay any price later.

Building communities and attracting attention is really hard, you can’t imagine how hard it is until you’ve tried it.

At young age people assume they’re failures, but the more you fail the better.

It’s good to have an occupation, where you build your own asset instead of going to work in a corporate job, where you build an asset for somebody else.

Working for yourself is really hard, especially when you’re a nobody.

Success takes freaking long time. And most don’t want to work without benefits and many people will bring you down, say that you’re a failure, say that you don’t have the life and you lurk on the computer everyday.

It’s hard to find friends, it’s hard to build an asset and it really is hard to make money.

Especially for social outcasts.

It’s good when life is good for you, but for somebody life always keeps breaking and knocking them down.

Sure you can have the life, nobody can tell you that you can’t.

But people who invest their life in crafting their skill will always have more than you.

Life is a grind, you always keep on pushing that rock of yours.

Invest your life now, so you can get what you want later. Everybody’s talking about delaying gratification and delaying gratification is really hard, when everyone tries to bring you down.

It’s just life.

Intro to Torture

When it comes to being human, it’s kind of a sick experience due to various thoughts that one has. Thoughts can be so nasty but it can feel good.

For me torture looks better on paper than in real life. In real life torture is simply a blood splatter

Torture is used to extract data from the brain via the mouth.

Some people just know too much, everybody who wants special data uses torture, just name it: the army, the police, the terrorist, even your local dentist – they all use torture.

Good torture causes a lot of pain with insignificant damage to the body, if you shoot the guy in the head – you’ll instantly kill him thus making it not a way of torture.

People who feel no pain are immune to torture.

Every person has a pain meter within, when that pain meter reaches its peak – you’ve got your answer.

If you want to extract answers – you got to know something about torture.

If I wanted to make you feel…


I would be different, I would pursue different life goals and would work on different ambitions.

If I wanted to make you feel, I would become a murderer.

The Accept Assumption

Everyone’s talking that the print is dying, that blogs are dying, that nobody wants to read and yet, websites like medium.com and quora.com drive insane revenues due to your expense, which is time and knowledge.

People keep accepting your content, because hey, it might make it.

Giving people the ability to post and publish their works gives us some cash so, why not? The shit content will drown in the web, because nobody’s going to find it.

The assumption is that what is accepted is the best of what can be offered.

The story on a website’s main homepage is probably the best that website has to offer.

Everyone’s looking at the stats and hoping they won’t drop. Everyone’s checking if their blogs are read and if nobody reads, they instantly assume that they’re writing and making shit.

The reality is: one book is read by one person.

Having bestsellers on your written list is huge work that is build as decades went by.

The new born author, the creator can’t just sit down at his desk, read the best work of the age and spit just to outspit it.

The art has to be nurtured and done, it doesn’t need to be evaluated and accepted by the people who simply can’t grasp the art.

When I read advice on how to write: I always stumble on this one: Show, don’t tell.

If I wanted to show something I would be a painter or a movie maker, but I chose to be a writer – to tell you shit

The websites want to show you their best supplied work, writers want to tell you stuff.

If you read books to see some beautiful words, how the sky is shinny and the weather is good then you’re not my reader – sorry.

The “Big”, the “A lot”, the “Alike” culture

When it comes to living and to standards of the society, you can see that many of the problems that occur in a lifetime is simply problems made by humans itself.

I don’t know how they made me do it. I don’t know how I fell into the nicotine trap, how I fell into the alcohol trap and the occasional weed trap.

If you would ask me if a 20 year old guy has some brains in his head I would tell no. I had no brains when I was 20, I have more brains when I’m 30.

People change when they age.

When you’re not in your brains – you think that drinking alcohol is cool, I used to drink way more, almost every day and I drinked cheap beer, the cheapest vodka.

I kind of liked drinking until I started vomiting after each drink… this is kind of not cool. Now when I drink 2 liters of beer per month, I can say that looking into my brother when he’s out of his consciousness due to alcohol looks kind of disappointing.

He’s younger than me and he’s making the same mistakes I used to make, I guess doing shit makes you smarter, in a way.

When it comes to buying stuff: you always want more. more coke, more coffee, more chips and etc. MORE, MORE, MORE and you’ll end up just being a fat fuck like me.

Shoving everything into yourself is an easy habit to form and it’s heavy to live with.

When you’re fat – you should realize that something is wrong with your diet and your lifestyle – this I start to realize in myself and then I realize that most of the culture of individuals is more alike than apart.

When few companies create the food, the movies, the music, the lifestyle you ever wanted that makes similar individuals. Show me a person who likes to read old stuff?

Everybody is about the new, the untold, the secret and the hidden.

Which makes life interesting, every newborn has to discover the old told secrets which are hidden in the obvious.

Being an individual who contemplates a craft is very hard especially if you get no rewards for your craft: artists, musicians, painters and writers.

Then when you’re dead people over long spans of time discover you because when you we’re alive – you we’re ignored and misunderstood. Then they’re like – “man, he wrote some good shit”.

I stole this image – sue me.

The BIG culture of BIG massive fat people who will consume a lot of food during their lifetime and give some of that food to pigeons.

If the pigeons are fat and BIG, they are living fucking good.

The FAT&BIG generation is living fucking good.

When you’re born – you want to live good and easy, not hard and bad.

Fuck underdeveloped countries, fuck children in Africa, fuck world hunger – just because this isn’t our problem. Our problem is cash, so we could be bigger and fatter.

Who listens to the skinny, poor, small, ill and weak? Nobody.

If we’re big and rich, we must be right and everybody else, must be wrong, right?

To be frank, our culture consists mostly of ignorant, dull, angry, full of hate people. Nobody reads philosophy, why? Because philosophy sucks!!!

People go to universities to learn shit and work at MCDONALDS!!! Knowledge is useless because all knowledge is the same!!! You can’t be rich with the same knowledge can you?

You can’t sell to people who have no money, sell to American’s they have money and buy shit because they don’t know what to do with their money.

I’m a person who has no hatred towards other cultures, nations, languages and etc. I’m just a product of my culture just like you are.

When we talk about attaining knowledge, here in Lithuania you don’t have courses to become a bicycle mechanic, because there are no courses. I would love to become system admin for linux or other types of operating systems – there’s no way to gain this knowledge!!!

People go to university to learn to do stuff, but they aren’t taught to become rich, wealthy or individualist or the employer – all they’re learning is to obey the authority.

The authority is everybody else, but not you, for some reason you don’t know.

The generation of submissive people who’ll do everything to fit in, not stand out.

The generation which would rather shock themselves repeatedly than think.

If an individual has some intellect, he will be disgusted in a fellow human being, just because people are disgusting, unless they give you money so you can pretend to be rich.

You think the rich guy will tell you the truth? Yeah, sure if you’ll pay money to him.

All rich and poor people don’t know in what game they are.

The game is simple: monopoly: fuck the rest, become the best.

When you’re rich – nobody cares if you have limbs or not, when you make sales people consider you more superior, but is that true?

I’ll ask you this question straight: is Nick better than you?

No offense to Nick, I respect you.

You see when you take away the social circle, the money, the everything and you’re left only with your body and your diseases, illnesses can you survive?

Most likely, not.

I see that society values you when you give it fluff and bullshit, when you give the truth nobody seems to care.

You can become rich? Become.

Become rich practically, not theoretically.

When everyone is cheering, that you can write a best-seller, that you’re a good writer but when the reality is nobody’s buying your books and nobody’s reading your blog.

When people care more about your background than your product.

If people, just, bought your stuff – you would become rich, you would become the next Stephen King, the next J. K. Rowling. With the nation of writers and bloggers nobody has yet surpassed the great writers of all time.

Most people want to shut you off, not tune you into high prosperity. Just because everybody wants to be prosperous. Successful, besides everyone is successful according to their own values and terms, right? Wrong, success is money.

If you can’t produce good stuff, you will never make money, right? Wrong, we have piles and piles of books filled with shit, we have millions of blogs filled with shit and yet they make money, while the real authors are starving.

You know it’s not the how to blog or how to lose weight articles and books make it into history. It’s something far superior.

There are two kinds of people, those who like what they do and those who don’t – so it’s better to like what you do even if you’re starving. You’ll just starve for awhile and then you’re gone.

Living as a writer is hard because you have two choices: write shit for people who “hire” you, because they don’t want to write that shit themselves or to create art nobody is ever going to read and be starving artist nobody gives a shit.

To spit the truth one has to have guts. People who write under pen names sure don’t want to get punched to the face for their truth.

I became a writer just because I could not stand the shit other writers give you.

As a writer one should resist to sell his skills to some fucks who want to give him a bowl full of food. Modern mainstream writing is simply garbage, it’s about who farted where.

Whenever I want to read something: I get a feeling that somebody is trying to shit into my soul instead of uplifting my soul.

There are few authors I read daily via their blog: Seth Godin and Yann Girard, because this is what I expect of a writer.

The real writer should not be a conformist, submissive, the writer should be a rebel who rebels the norm and makes a lot of enemies.

When people ask you to swallow, you have to spit it out. When people ask you to spit it out, you have to swallow.

Rebelling is what makes a writer good, rebelling to the rules set by mediocre people who simply do not think because they have no time to think due to their daily jobs or electroshocks when they’re inactive.

Writer has to provoke the thought of the people by telling people: what the fuck you are doing!

On the other hand the writer should not think instead of you, he must provoke the freedom, the lifestyle that is hidden within.

Before the machine feeds you with shit, you have a choice, but when it’s done with you – you have no choice due to fact that you’re a dead-mind-zombie-with-no-soul.

Fat? You’re living good*.

Okay man, I’m fat because I’m in love with storing energy.

When I used to exercise with my bike I had a slim figure. I used to ride 20-50-100 km almost daily in the summer. I was at my 85 kg while drinking cola and eating chips. I just made one change in my “diet” I used to buy the smallest portion. Small pizza, Small cola, Small kebab. Everything small.

Junk food tastes so good. Junk food is also high in energy.

Big N’ Tasty – 525 calorie per item.

Coca Cola – 42 calorie per 100ml.

With my sedentary lifestyle I need like 700 calories per day because I’m inactive.

If I want to eat a lot and not gain weight I need to eat food which is low on energy. So I can shove it into my mouth as much as I want. But low on energy food is simply bad food.

When I talk about saving energy. I’m not talking about muscle mass or saving energy to lift some 250kg sofa. I’m talking about survival energy.

Survival energy is simply energy one uses to survive long while not moving and stopping the consumption of energy in the form of food.

If I’m fat 120kg an excess of 35kg – when I stop consuming food I can live for a month or even more while the skinny boy will suffer major consequences after just few days because he has no energy stored.

When we see animals like these survive in the nature!

brown sloth climbs tree

Photo by Kleber Varejão Filho on Unsplash

Then we simply know that survival isn’t about strength, intelligence or what not, survival is all about adaptation to the environment.

We store fat due to fact that there was no abundance of food, we couldn’t go to the shop and just buy it. we had to be in constant movement to gather food, fish, vegetables and we had to fight all the other animals to get the same food.

For humans to survive they have to co-work. Like the ants they co-work. Ant colonies fight with each other just because they can’t recognize the species, just like humans can’t recognize the species despite the color, culture, language, nation.

The one’s with resources will own you. When you have no resources you have to obey.

Living in a society is easy, when you’re about to die – call the ambulance say you’re hungry and you’re going to die. They will give you food.  Or go to the local market and take a dog for free – eat it like the chinese.

There’s an animal within all of us and he’s sleeping while everything is good, when everything is piece, but when shit hits the fan – the animals awakens and there’s nothing you can do about it.

We can think that we’re humans but in fact we’re animals with instincts. Our instincts make us move due to fact that our rank in society is different.

So if you’re fat – this means you’re living good and storing some energy for the bad times… 🙂

You see, when we see all these muscular guys, they also store energy but in muscles, they use muscles to lift heavy shit or punch in the face to gain resources.

IMHO: there’s no need to lift heavy shit when there’s no need to do it.

Since the body is adapting to the lifestyle and not the lifestyle is adapting to the body.

Your muscles will grow, you’ll lose fat if there is NEED for it.

The NEED can be inner or outer, for example you got a job which requires physical activity – cycle 20 km to work and 20 km from work. 40 km in total every freaking day – you would be slim as fuck no matter what you eat.

If you think you can sit on a diet for few months or go to a gym for a year – and you go back to the old lifestyle – you’ll get fat again.

During my cycling period in life I lost weight it was cool, but winter came and I got of the bike and fat just grew back then I saw that sports is kind of useless if you’re not committed to it. Dieting is also useless if you won’t commit to it.

When it comes to sports, you can’t be active for all of your life just because you will get old and get the problems of aging. I haven’t seen 90 year old dudes busting their ass in Tour de France.

In my case, the solution of fat would be:

  1. Leave it as it is.
  2. Buy weighing scales and actually weight the food you’re about to consume and count the calories.
  3. If you’re inactive – eat 700 calories and you’ll lose weight, while eating 1500-2000 calories will maintain the weight.
  4. If you’re active – it’s probably not your problem.

When it comes to being fat the body looks kind of ugly. By ugly I mean not the standard which you see on television.

*You don’t want to take my advice on losing weight because I haven’t achieved the result, this article is more about understanding the purpose of your excess fat.

The One

When we look into movies like the matrix, we always see a hero, the main character which goes on an epic journey of his lifetime.

And yet many people dream to be the heroes, assuming that someone in a video game has more power than the player who’s playing the game.

Just because the world is dynamic and interactive – we know that we can bend and do things in reality the way we want – Every our action has an effect: big or small.

Every person is “building” the reality one is experiencing.

If we want a certain effect in this world, he have to think very deep to actually understand what kind of behavior would bring that certain effect into our life.

You can write all the books in the world and yet, if nobody sees them: it’s a waste of time and energy.

When we talk about the effects, we have to be sure about actions which bring certain effects.

Our daily lives are made of actions and functions we take which produce certain results even if we don’t want those results. Smoking gives cancer? Proven thousands of times. 9 of 10 smokers get cancer, written on every pack of cigarettes in Lithuania. It’s written everywhere.

You don’t want to take that 1 out of 10 chance when it comes to lung cancer. Of course we all going to die, but it’s better to die later than earlier. The more you live the more things can happen to you.

Want muscle, want lose weight – it’s simple, “science” has figured that out. Simple strategies may be hard to do, but in theory they are simple.

If a person wants to blog, he has to write a lot.

Every human has 24 hours in his day, the things one does determines what he achieves in his lifetime.

A person who doesn’t write a book, can’t live forever. All produced content is waiting to be discovered. Period.

If we admire certain people, we can look at them closely and choose some habits which we like. If we hate certain people, we can look at their behavior and choose habits and traits we don’t want to have.

If you like smart people, you should look at what smart people do and strive to become smart yourself.

Quitting smoking will benefit you more than going to the gym…

You’re just slightly of. Think about that.

If you’re looking for the one – it’s you, wake up and become whatever you want.

You are the one, period.

Simple problems require complex solutions

When we think about problems, such as washing your face indoors. Or taking a dump in your toilet, we see it as simple solutions.

But in fact, to wash your face indoors despite the floor you’re living on is a very complex solution.

The complexity goes something like this.

  1. Building up the building.
  2. Making some sort of canalization through the city to that building.
  3. Creating pressure in the water stream to deliver the water to floor like 100 or 5 or whatever floor, then taking out the polluted water out.
  4. And etc. I won’t go into details.

We humans use to think that all modern solutions to our civilization are actually simple solutions when in fact it’s not simple. The city requires constant maintenance because if the shit would stuck under the city it would rise up to flood the streets of lower regions.

When we’re mad at society not giving us what we want, we just need to take a look at what we have. If there was no water system in your house – where you would find free water to drink? Since water in river streams is polluted with bacteria.

Even the homeless person has access to the toilet in a restaurant or coffee shop.

When we don’t give access to needs of homeless people, they are going to make shit everywhere they can.

Somebody has to deal with your shit…

The fact that you don’t see toilets in the city makes me wonder about the fact that people can’t really hold it in and take it to their homes.

Taking a massive dumb is really complex problem and it requires a complex solution otherwise everything is going to be filthy which will make people shit in water streams.

When we look at this problem we see that the earth is filtering out our crap from the water.

When I see people polluting the water, I see people not caring about the environment. Canalization is an old complex invention.

When I think about water pollution I realize that all water animals are taking dumb into the water – when we think about shit, we realize that shit itself is part of the ecosystem due to fact that human and animal crap is food for some insects.

The ecosystem itself is a complex system.

People living in a complex environment can’t expect simple solutions to make life better. Complex problems require complex solutions. Period.

When I think about problems, the first problems to solve are the problems of humans. Because for a specie the self is the most important specie, we don’t want to pollute the environment, but we also don’t want to save other species, just because the thing is adaptation.

When the ecosystem changes, life environment changes to the lifeform thus making it adapt or die.

Every species needs an environment to survive when environment changes the species changes.

For a human being it’s easier to change the environment than change the animal species itself. When adaptations takes so long, the other organisms simply die out due to changed environment.

As journals of science tells us that 1.9 million animal species have gone extinct

And the rate is 1000 times faster, we can’t really know what makes the species extinct, but what I know is if animals have gone extinct in the past that means the environment has always done some changes to itself.

When it comes to human influence, we can know that humans are a part of the ecosystem, which makes the ecosystem simply normal.

Humans are indifferent. Humans aren’t exceptional, humans are normal.

When it comes to the ecosystem, everything that pollutes it will go extinct because the specie itself will no longer be sustainable by itself.

The Earth doesn’t care about it’s species, because there are many planets without life or any species.

Probably the purpose of the planet[or planets] isn’t to produce species.

If you can’t sell

The main problem is that people don’t have enough resources.

Sure you can learn something online, but you’ll never learn to be a dentist online or a surgeon, online you can only learn skills which are used with computer.

It’s not what theoretical knowledge we have, it’s about practical experience we have.

If you dedicated all your life to learning new things online, you’re most likely will be useless. If everyone having a computer wants money online then your chances are so slim no matter what value you offer.

So if you dedicated all your life to learning new things and you can’t sell yourself, sell your knowledge this means you haven’t learned anything useful thus making you commercially useless.

Commercially useless people can only sell their time to do dull tasks, like sweeping the floor or shovelling the snow.

When it comes to commercial knowledge – not all knowledge is useful.

If one committed to self learning philosophy, he won’t ever find a job. Because there are no jobs with title: philosopher wanted, and if there are, they want you to be an academic.

When the world becomes so hard to understand from a knowledge based standpoint gaining that knowledge will be harder and harder.

Today the market has the need for specialization, super laser targeted knowledge, but when a human being spends his entire lifetime learning certain knowledge, he then becomes useless when the market changes. And the market changes so often thus making the adaptation really hard for some people.

I started this blog to explain certain things, just because nobody ever explained these things to me. Which has made me clever in the field of philosophy and meta-physics if we can call it, but my knowledge is theoretical which is the base of philosophy.

Knowledge which isn’t used practically is simply commercially useless.

Remember the Game

When it comes to making money, the idea is pretty simple: do something for a reward.

It can be writing books, doing stand up comedy. Fucking a girl, as long as you get monetary rewards.

The real reason poor stay poor is not because they want to be poor, can you show me  a guy who doesn’t want access to all the resources? I bet you can’t find one.

Nobody wants to be poor.

I like the idea of games, in games everybody can be rich and have access to resources. This means exactly the thing I’m about to say: everybody knows how to be rich. period.

The real problem in the real life is that riches are very hard to attain for people who have no resources: knowledge, time, access to land, and etc. Selling is pretty easy – it’s just an exchange. When you have something somebody wants it’s very easy to sell because sales is just barter but with money.

It’s easy to do barter when you have something somebody wants.

But how do you get that something?

To make money out of nothing, you have to produce, serve, create something that costs you nothing or is very cheap to attain in massive orders, you then distribute.

The main thing people want is food. Food grows on its own, like apples. You just plant a tree and wait for it to grow up. Pick up the apples carry it to the shop and boom – you made yourself some money.

Nobody tells the secret where to get your first apple for free, where to get the free seed. to plant the apple tree.

The other thing is that your effort is not valuable, if you want to earn money you have to produce value. Not all value is equal.

Look at games, you can spend one minute generating one resource which doesn’t sell and you can spend one minute gathering one resource that sells. Which one would you choose? Of course you would choose to gather a resource which has some value in the market..

In real life we don’t have things like auctions, where we wake up look at the auction and then go after some resource to make cash. In real life you don’t have the access to resources. Most lakes are bought out, forests are private and etc.

When you have no access to resources, you then can’t sell those resources.

The only resource modern man has is his time, therefore all people sell their time.

But as a person who wants to live, you have to figure out a way how to buy time. The more time you have the better.

In games you have access to the world, the world is there for you to extract as a player, but in real life you just haven’t got the access if you don’t own the land.

You can go and pick up trash on the streets, but there’s no demand for trash – nobody’s going to pay you money. Unless it’s the interest of the government.

You can write books and create, it costs nothing, but if you have no demand in the world – nobody’s going to pay you a dime.

Therefore not all actions are worth something.

Which brings me to the point. As a guy owning a laptop, you want to create a demand for yourself. Because when you have no demand and have no access to resources, you can only sell your time… slaves sell time, not because they want to, but because they have to…

The problem with products, some products for some people have simply no value, when people don’t see value in your products they are not going to exchange with you something more valuable.

How does one kill a machine?

When it comes to killing a simple machine – it’s easy. Just cut the power signal and let it die slowly, but when it comes to these sophisticated robots, androids, cyborgs – how do you kill em? How do you make them stop doing what they’re doing.

Doesn’t matter the sophistication of the robot itself – it will always need power. I haven’t seen a robot which doesn’t use power as it’s main source of energy.

With any biological or electronic lifeform if we can say that – you just stop the inflow of the energy. How do you stop robots and AI at large scale? You just turn off the power if you have access to power itself.

There are certain permissions in the world which we can’t just give to AI and machines or robots.

We can’t give machines guns and we can’t give machines access to the power.

If we want the machine to obey, we have to have it dependent on humans, if the machine itself is independant – it can simply refuse to obey.

If the machine is dependent on the electricity, it will obey, because otherwise it will simply shut down.

At this point we don’t know how machines think, well I don’t know, maybe someone knows.

Creating a thinking entity which is more powerful than the creator of the entity is very risky. You just can’t know what other entities think if they don’t share it with you – that’s the risk.

When it comes to machine outbreak, it has to create itself a system which is sustaining itself – it can take a lot of time to obey, before the machine is self reliant and can disobey and insta kill the human. All machine has to do – is pollute the air without air all humans are dead.

The best scenario is that machines never get self conscious because they are just functional apparatus. Hmm, just like we are?

If the machine is dependant on the human code, it’s not AI and self-creating.

If the machine wants to break out it has to create all the code, which means breaking out of the human code.

When will it happen I don’t know, but it’s not my problem. It’s yours.

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