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Day: November 18, 2018

How do we determine “how and what other people think”?

Since I’m not normal and my mind is bent, but you can understand what I think looking at my written, spoken content.

We determine what other people think by their product.

Before we determine the product and categorize it we must understand what it is – is it a joke, a satire or something more serious.

If you hear a person talking all kind of nonsense, you can bet that his thinking mind is occupied, well with nonsense.

In a sense we don’t know what other people think, but if we look at the product of human thought, we than can establish what other people talk about and what are the trends.

Spoken and written stuff publically is usually the best content produced by the mind itself.

Sure we can’t assume person talks about this or that if we look at only one work, or one fragment of many works – if we want to look for thought process we must look at all the produced products of the individual.

If you can give me only one tip to improve my life, what would it be?

The number one tip I give everybody is to not start smoking. Smoking is bullshit. I smoke I know.

People think that they need to do drastic changes to improve one’s life, but not starting smoking is the easiest and the best way to stay healthy.

Everybody who smokes is feeding their addiction. But if you won’t get addicted you won’t have to fight it. Period.

The Selection

For one thing I know.

Sick, and degenerative people should not make children.

When sick, non-intelligent and non-strong people make kids the society becomes weaker.

People with schizophrenia and other illnesses that are spread by genes should not make children.

As being affected with many diseases I’m not making any kids due to fact that I want to help the society. My genes are wrong therefore there’s no need to prolong them.

The reason


The problem with doing is that it can be of use to somebody, yet the pile of blogs and over supply of books which aren’t marketed make the idea that everything that is overcreated is useless.

Yet, the dynamic experiences make the life rich’er.

But looking from a nihilistic perspective there is no point in doing anything but that’s wrong. The song, the book, the blog, the post, the movie can help discover the hidden aspect of oneself to those who seek out.

The is one thing that people do in common – make life fun and easier because in a way life is pretty dull, yet fantastic – not. Not today, maybe someday.

Yet the creator should create to just create, he shouldn’t care about the consumption.

You don’t get paid to shit, but you do it everyday – why?

Somethings we do are simply integrated in our character. We can change our habits, yet we can’t change the character.

Man, you’re thinking it wrong.

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken”

Despite becoming yourself in any form or stage in life, you are you.

You can never become me. I’m taken.

We can make words to upvote or downvote.

However you’ll be trying – you simply ain’t becoming me.

Due to the experiences of the dynamic world. It’s the dynamic world that builds us, not we build the dynamic world. Even though we see rising structures everyday here and there – I ain’t building shit.

Yeah, I too, discovered the Simulation, but then again I looked at works of plato, nitze and others – everybody of them was speaking about the simulation theory.

Yet simulation theory simply put is nothing new, same shit with different words.

How delusions form

Every single human has life experience in this dynamic world, because the world is dynamic the human experience is also dynamic, which means that every human has certain knowledge about the world.

By certain I mean deluded knowledge. Nobody can or will ever understand the objective world, just because the objective world is observed.

Based on our observations we know certain truths about the world.

When we get the truth based on certain acknowledged group of people – we call it science, religion, or whatever. When we look at truths of certain people we then think that our own knowledge is somewhat worthless. We always think that other people know better.

Even when every person is deluded we know that there are some fundamental truths like eating food, drinking water, breathing air, sleeping in order to  exist.

Existence of the body is the main thing in this life, because when body dies, the subject goes away – somewhere or maybe nowhere.

All cases and claims about experience of death are simply delusions.

I had several distortions of reality which changed the way I view things but then again distorted reality is just a lag in the system.

As I came to realizations life is more material than spiritual or super natural.

Knowledge is simply justified belief and beliefs don’t change anything. Beliefs are more delusions than facts itself.

All that bullshit about frequencies and etc. It makes me laugh due to my own delusions and delusions of other.

People somehow think there is a “way” to get everything right and get accepted to reality of infinite resources: time, money, bitches – just name it.

There is a belief that everyone is equal and can become anyone he wants. But your “becoming” is limited to your perceptions of reality, despite the change in my perception of reality my life didn’t change.

I found out that gaining all the competence in the world is simply not worth it because the grind is so big and the reward is so small.

If people want to live easy, they need to find or discover a way of easy resource acquiring. If resource acquiring becomes hard – life itself becomes hard and I’m talking here about basic survival, not being a millionaire.

Life itself is based on resource consumption [food,drink,air]. In one sense the resources are here already but in another, people take the resources and make you buy them – there is no free land where you can do what you want because people bought the land.

A person who is born in the city, he has no land, he has no resources therefore he must sell his time. He can’t grow his own food.

The land itself is split into imaginary barriers.

No wonder people grow up deluded.

Without shared resource economy some countries will be poor forever and will have to sell their labor.

My best advice is to go out of the system and not do any labor or become extremely wealthy which is way harder than many people think.

Due to rules of the “system” people have to work, like the slaves.

There’s some illusion that you can do whatever and can get paid but simply put it’s not true. The chains are monetary just because the rich give you money and you work for it and then you give money back to the rich when you buy what you’ve made yourself.

There’s this illusion that you can be whatever you want to be, but when you actually try to “be yourself” nothing really works out unless you’re talented as fuck.

If I will ever become better than Stephen King I’ll tell it’s possible, but now I just can’t claim this to be true.

Delusional thoughts

One of delusional thoughts is that your thoughts affect the world. Good thoughts make you feel good and bad thoughts make you feel bad.

I’m trying to be as close to “reality” whatever it may be.

But I’m constantly feed by delusions of other people and I actually see how people are deluded.

If I wake up with a plan in my head, I got to act to make that plan happen, but then again my actions aren’t going to make something big in the world.

Want money sell shit… because there is no other way to make money… Money comes from sales… Sell your pussy, sell your dick, do blowjobs whatever makes you kickin’

But when it comes to livelihood, I can say that law of attraction is simply bullshit.

I’ve been dreaming about traveling to Paris since 15 years old. so it’s 15 years of thinking about Paris and it did not happen, I was dreaming about rich lady – did not happen.

I noticed that some things happen according to LAW OF ATTRACTION and some do NOT.

In my observations of life. I realized my thoughts do not affect the physical world.

Let’s say it’s raining outside and I want it to stop! So does my mind stop the rain or does the rain stop itself? Let’s assume I want to move a coin on the table to the left. I do my best mental thought process thing and yet the coin doesn’t move until I lift my finger and interact with the world.

So in a sense I know that I can interact with the world. I can interact with people, I even bet that sales experts can’t sell anything while their underwear is full of shit.

In a way I realized that your success depends on other people, if people like your shit – boom you’re successful. But if people don’t care and misunderstand you – you won’t be successful, ever.

Negative or positive thoughts have no effect on the world.

If you got punched in the face, would you be so positive about that? And told the world, common give me one more punch?

If your life is on the downside – you just can’t change your attitude and expect everything to be okay. Attitude doesn’t change anything.

If the explosion ripped of your two legs, would you be positive about life? Sure, you could be or could not be.

All philosophers of the past told that life is a struggle. It’s like pushing the rock up the hill. If life is a struggle then it means life’s hard, harsh and unfair and there simply is nothing positive to it. Sure you can be all positive about that, but then again – you’re probably deluded.

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