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Day: November 17, 2018

I feel I’m becoming crazy, how can I know that I am still sane?

I was insane. The first time you don’t even notice you’re insane. Insanity is nothing more than a shifted and altered consciousness. There are good things in insanity as long as you don’t hurt anybody and yourself.

People don’t stay crazy all the time. When your sanity goes away for awhile then the sky opens, after that you get attached to the matrix again. Insanity is just unplug from the matrix. It’s good for you, not everybody can experience this feeling.

Counter Productive Effort

Sometimes you encounter an obstacle that is just too big.

How do you know when it’s time to stop and quit?

When you been doing the same thing over and over for many years and yet made just a bit progress it’s counter productive effort.

Sometimes things are just too hard to overcome.

How do you solve this problem?

I don’t know, the problem is just too complex.

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