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Day: November 16, 2018

How does one become an expert

Many people don’t know what real failure is, they keep failing and failing and then they realize something about themselves that shocks their own world.

You become an expert in a field where you choose to fail the most.

Pick any life you want: from businessman to yogi and do whatever it takes to have the life you want.

Don’t let the world determine who you need to be.

You don’t find yourself – you pick yourself to do certain tasks which build up your fundamental knowledge and raise your competence.

You can be an academic or you can be a self-taught it really doesn’t matter when you’re good at what you are doing.

Evaluate your time, how much is your time worth? And what can you do productive with your time. Leaving everything to chance is a bad way to go.

When you fail constantly, you gain knowledge about what does not work. Then you try other options, change your methods not your end goals.

If a person has a vision of a life he wants to have, he must evaluate is that life is worth living and strive for.

You can have a life or you can invest your life to become an expert in any field you want.

My skills are talking and writing, therefore I have to build my knowledge to have something to write about.

Faster you begin to go towards your goal sooner you end up having that life you’ve always wished for.

Nobody wants to grind when the work is fruitless. But one must delay his own gratification in order to have something more in the end of his journey.

Life without purpose is meaningless. When your life has no meaning, it can lead to self destructive behavior.

Building your own commercial systems which work for you is really freaking hard.

But think about it this way, if you knew that you would achieve it – would you do it?

Future is uncertain, therefore it can be shapen in any way we prefer.

We can really tinker with reality. Sure somebody will sweep the streets, but it can be somebody else rather than you.

You don’t want to shovel snow because snow will be falling in every winter and thus you won’t make any progress and won’t build any competence.

If you’re young, you want to build yourself a foundation and then when you reach a certain point in life everything is going to circle upwards.

If you want to be a writer write 2000 words everyday for the next 30 years and it will work out.

Writing forces one to always evolve his own knowledge.

Money making books, videos, ebooks, audio.

If one print book costs 15$ and it promises 1 000 000$ in a few years.

Would you buy it?

Of course you would, because it’s a good promise.  It’s a 66666.6666667% investment, it really is worth it.

Let’s assume the book sells 10 000 copies thus delivering the 1 000 000$ promise x 10 000, how much is that? A lot, I can’t grasp this number.

So you get 10 000 competitors who share the similar knowledge thus making your chance to make 1kk$ is  just 0.0001%. The math is probably wrong.

Where I go with this is that people can’t be billionaires with similar knowledge. If there’s the same exact book on the shelve just with a different name and it competes one with another.  Then covers come into play and reputation of the author and etc. If one is no name and the other is an expert, the expert will bank and the amateur won’t because he hasn’t made any sales yet. The only way amateur can bank is when the experts book is out of stock.

Business and sales is really an interesting phenomenon.

Seth Godin will always bank more than me despite the amounts of work I put into writing due to fact that he has an established audience, reputation, sales, businesses and etc while my reputation is nearly destroyed due to fart videos and other nonsense.

When it comes to sales and book sales and business sales it’s who you know not what you know. If your social circle consists of drinking people who don’t work and live on a dole – your chance to earn million bucks is nearly zero percent due to your background, you can attend all the seminars in the world, you just can’t trick people.

When you read business books from amateur authors you can notice it just by looking at the content, everything is so beginner.

You don’t want to buy this seminar where it teaches you how to make money on autopilot, because sales he makes are just 2 dollars per day. You don’t want to learn from this guy about sales… You want to learn from guys who make millions from sales…

Since I’m not the guy whom you go to learn about sales yet.

The funny thing is that I’ve finished a degree in business, I know how to do business theoretically but they never taught how to do a sale.

PS [theoretically I know how to sell ads on your website, you just google relevant keywords for your blog and look at firms that advertise and write them an email].

PPS [I can’t test it yet because currently I have no traffic]

PPSS [nobody’s going to find your blog without marketing]

Creating viral content is way harder than writing about how to create viral content. I had some viral posts on medium – it was pure luck.

The best way to be in business is to be in business.

I had this thing about teachers who teach programming… If they’re so good at programming why don’t they program code??? Why do they teach. Some say that teachers are the worst specialists.

When I was learning business, I was taught by people who don’t own a business.

I bet the best way to learn business is to go to work for a boss for free. To see what he’s doing different from other people.

I told myself once I will make money online and won’t get off the computer until I do.

I made some bank online I know this thing works.

I don’t want to give you tips on what works because I don’t know, yet. I can give you tips on what doesn’t work.

  • Writing a blog without marketing doesn’t work.
  • Buying traffic to a page which isn’t made to convert doesn’t work.
  • Buying respect doesn’t work.
  • Doing boring stuff over and over doesn’t work.
  • Brute forcing people to watch or to read doesn’t work.
  • Interrupting readers with ads and popups doesn’t work [when people are on pornhub they want pornhub, not your fucking blog]
  • Short books don’t work.
  • Writing whatever you want doesn’t work.
  • Doing webcam vlogs doesn’t work.
  • Doing quantity doesn’t work.
  • Buying trust doesn’t work.

What worked for me is being true person and not a liar.

While having a lot of traffic you can bank a lot of sales. Despite my little traffic I had some decent bank. Had some decent opportunities. Shifted my life, can’t say that I changed it, yet.

From emotional standpoint:

  • Crying doesn’t work.
  • Complaining doesn’t work.
  • Negativity and poorness attracts poor people.
  • Stupidity attracts stupid people.

If you want to attract smart people – write smart crap.

If you want to stand out, never try to fit in…

Fitting in isn’t worth it when standing out comes naturally.

The promise

I was in a shop today to buy some chips and sunflower seeds.

I figured, I will look for some books on the shelf and there’s this book for 8€ with the big promise that if you read it you’ll become this next bitch motherfucker boss dude.

Business books deliver a big promise which in the end is under delivered.

After reading rich dad poor dad – I realized that I need to work for myself, 6 years spent creating value with almost no results and I keep pursuing it. And probably it will never happen: this thing: follow your passion, do what you love and in the end earn some dimes to buy a toilet paper to wipe your own dogs ass.

It pisses me of.

All these videos provide the secret of sales, and learning and yet, you just don’t learn anything from them. Just like the alpha man courses which I didn’t go to.

If a book, or a course would actually teach you how to do things they would be out of order because you would steal all their cash with the same logic.

My best sales came from trial and error. If you get high traffic to your website, you just keep rewriting the sales page until you get the best converting.

After years of failure, I found things that don’t work. It’s not what you write in your description, it’s all about the promise. If people don’t care about the promise – you won’t sell anything when it comes to books or clothes or whatever.

When it comes to creating something to sell [because I do some sales] you want to under-promise and over-deliver. When you over deliver – you get 5 star reviews when you under-deliver you get 2s and 3s.

My dream is to write books but when you don’t have an audience nobody’s going to buy them, I’m not Seth Godin. I haven’t built any successful businesses. I haven’t build anything successful yet.

When it comes to selling my swag. I won’t tell you that these are the best out of the best because it would be a lie, but getting them from me will let me build and craft more interesting stuff for you.

As a writer/blogger I’m interested in reader amount. If people don’t read for free, they won’t read for money. Because I did some sales without any marketing. I know my stuff is good. I’m to lazy to market. I’m to lazy to sell.

My career consists of producing something. I like producing. When I give for free I get hundreds of downloads, hundreds of youtube listens but when I sell – I get few sales thus less exposure. Five bucks is not worth few sales when I can get hundreds of listens and downloads.

I like when people tell me that my crap is good and funny. I give a normal promise that the book will be funny just read it and I don’t need anything from you. Just have a good experience.

As an author I care about delivering ideas, spreading some things that are valuable to me and might be valuable to you.

I could spend my time crafting this perfect sales letter and shit, compete with the world and take all your cash and under deliver but I don’t want to do that.

I like to give and give because rarely somebody gives to me. If I had money I would give them to causes because I want to change the world, I just can’t see people barely meeting their ends. I don’t want to see slaughter, wars, crime and hunger, why do people have to die when there’s such an abundance?

Shelves are full on food and yet homeless poor people stand in front of the shop so that people would give couple of cents and yet only few give.

People just don’t have empathy. I think everything should be humans before profits.

I don’t make the rules, I don’t have the gold.

In this capitalist world you can do whatever you want but like the rule says nothing ever works out.

I just don’t know what kind of promise I should deliver, because you see, when I can’t make cash for myself I can’t make cash for nobody.

I would love to give people opportunities, give them jobs because nobody looked ever at me seriously, nobody cares about my potential, nobody saw me.

This world has many things to offer and yet I fail to take it. This makes me superb upset.

Sure would be rich if I blew some dicks and sold my ass to the rapist in gangbang on pornhub.

I just can’t win in a game where I’m not the one creating the rules.

My promise? I’ll make you a smart critical thinker. Because I got this in my genes.

Understanding worthlessness

I know some people here in Lithuania who think they are not good enough to produce art or whatever.

The fact is if one is not good, how does he become good?

It’s by practice, performance and repetition. There simply is no other way.

When we look at our lives we can measure our success to external factors and societies expectations which we will always fail.

A person, who creates art will never be rich if he doesn’t sell his art.

I don’t like sales I would like to give all I got away but the fact that capitalism requires me to have money. Nobody’s going to compensate me saying: let’s give him everything for free because he doesn’t sell anything. It doesn’t work that way.

We can make our own expectations about our own success because being able to do what you want is good and successful. It’s good when you can do the grind whenever you want, not whenever you need.

Society will always want you to be rich, slim, muscular, beautiful, and etc.

Society has high standards but the fact is that the society itself barely can live up to those standards when people raise their standards everybody suddenly becomes a worthless piece of sack.

I’ll give you an example from real life. I used to be afraid to write in English and then I’ve got a free trial of prowritingaid and the stats literally told me that I write better than 70% of it’s user base. I was shocked.

English people don’t know how to write in English. I know I have bad grammar but whatever – who cares about the grammar, when 70% of users don’t know how to write.

This is an example of having a high standard, it’s hard to, when you don’t have the stats.

It’s hard to know if someone reads your blog, if you have no stats, it’s hard to know if someone watches your videos, if you don’t have the stats.

Stats always shown me that my shit has some value, if one can produce value, he is worth something even if it’s just a small audience.

You could be doing something for the big audience but you know – we aren’t ready for it yet.

Sometimes you just have to eat shit, period.

When one starts a journey on his success, he can’t just assume everyone will like him and lick his balls and give him money for doing some writing. It doesn’t work that way.

Everybody wants you to prove your words.

But as I told earlier, being a janitor is irrelevant for your dream career while being a marketer, sales person, performer is relevant – so one must pick relevant skills if he wants to build an empire someday.

Some people just don’t realize how hard it is to build a business and make sales. They just can’t because they’ve never tried. They assume you just do this and that and you’re done.

Some people are deluded and think in self limiting way. They add limit to themselves instead of growing and trying, they tell you money won’t make you happy while drinking beer everyday but man, you need a lot of cash to drink beer everyday. How can you drink, if you don’t have the cash? You don’t want to rely on someone else when it comes to drinking. I know this because I was there.

You need money to have good food, to rebuild your teeth when they go out of order, to have good clothes, to have a house. Money will make one happy, but when you realize how hard it is to make money you want to cry.

It’s hard to get the ball rollin’ but it’s worth to try and do and learn the hard way.

If you feel worthless, get some worth.


Задрот – zadrot.

Zadrot is a russian word for a person, generally a critic or back end gamer who always is unhappy with the real performance of athletes or the one’s actually doing something.

Today I get a lot of hate because I don’t work. Although I hustle online, yet no major profits and if I had profits I wouldn’t tell you…

My work is more of a social experiment to see how many people can support a person with no reputation, no money and almost homeless guy.

Since success isn’t something you can take, it depends on the people around you.

My duty isn’t to be forget by outer world, but instead to forge the outer world according to myself.

There are many people who blame you for being you.

I don’t know why people do it, maybe they’re jealous.

Anyway, the zadrot people, are always better than you and claim they can bank everything while actually not doing anything.

I like blogging because I have a dream where I travel the world, make some bank and write crap with my underwear as I am doing now to be honest. Took a bath was lazy to equip my self with proper gear as gamers would say.

You see a person who finds himself amusing has to prove it to the world. If one believes he is an interesting guy he then should pursue this virtue and maybe someday he can travel the world.

Making sales online isn’t that hard but making constant sales is hard.

That’s why I started this blog, to get constant swag sales, to sell ads, to get opportunities but I can’t do any of this while being not famous… and being famous is like really hard. Was famous for 15 minutes and then everything faded. And people forgot about me… Life..

Being known can bring a lot of opportunities, but you can’t be known if you get no traffic. You need constant traffic, constant sales to survive, but I don’t want to be this guy who shoves you all those pop ups in your face and persuades you to subscribe and shit.

Anyway, the community has to permit you to be successful, if the community doesn’t permit – you won’t be ever successful despite your efforts.

You have to remember that it’s social success. The more people believe in you – the more you’re going to be successful.

Without the community, without the market – nobody can be successful. People have to play your game.

The most valuable asset one can have is the asset of human attention.

If nobody cares about your work and the work has meaning only to you then you won’t be successful despite your efforts. Sure people want the free stuff, but if nobody will buy from you – you’ll never ever be rich.

Sales is convincing people to buy your story.

I don’t like convincing people therefore I’m a bad salesman.

Good salesmen make billions of cash per year. If you don’t make sales – you’re a bad salesman. Numbers prove all.

And you can’t buy respect for money.

This russian guy told stories how people invested all their cash into shiny youtube videos and it didn’t work… He also told stories how people faked their success, bought their views, likes and comments to increase social proof – I don’t want to do that… If I’m not successful I will tell you.

And currently I’m not successful, my only success till this day is that I don’t have to work. And I can do whatever I want with my time.

So I invest my time into this blog and maybe something good will happen. I also don’t want to do a blog with that common crap since there’s no personality in it.

If people allow you to play this money making game, then period, you’re successful. You can’t take opportunities, people give them to you.

You can send thousands of CV to the firms, but if they don’t hire you a job thus you can’t take it.

I always had a firm belief that one must work for himself. But work without profits is like a hobby. It’s better to own your job than let people own you.

People work because they have to thus they’re slaves. If we won’t work we’ll get kicked out of the house. There’s just this big demand for money.

Also about blogging on blogs and blogging about money. The fact is that I don’t want a poor community, therefore I won’t be writing articles how to make money.

Teaching how to make money while making money is like the most ridiculous business. You can’t teach a person how to make money, you can give him a job then he will actually make money. You can make him a referer, he then will make money if he attracts a client to which you sell.

If you don’t know how to sell, seek out people who know how to sell and refer people to them to get a commision.

Just don’t be a zadrot, who claims he can make all that bank while doing nothing, one has to remember that people compete for that 1$ for that 10$ for that 100$ for that 1000$ and the option is to be in a competition.

The secret is that people don’t want you to do what you want, they want you to do like everybody else does. They’ll tell that blogging isn’t serious, that writing is bullshit, that vlogs suck, that your books are crap and they’ll do everything to burn you out and take you out.

Nobody wants you to be successful, at first.

Because if you’re higher in the hierarchy of competence, they’re going to envy you. Everybody envies the successful because success is rare.

Success is a lonely road and you have nobody besides you who can help you through the day, when you’re successful more money for you and less for them. Period.

Everybody wants to play on your emotions, doesn’t matter if it’s pity, envy, hope and etc. As long as you give money. In my case, I want you to support me if you like my stuff the money I receive will make me make more good stuff for you.

In general my business is community leading/building. It’s like a sect of cool people. These days you have to have a sect if you want to survive – you know.

The zadrot people will never buy from you, they’ll never support you and they’ll always consume your free stuff. And they’ll always remind you how you suck.

Just because nobody looks at the start of things, when people see a successful guy, they see him somewhere in the middle.

I know for a fact, if you have a dream – you have to build it. This blog won’t write itself and despite people who tell me that I do nothing, I actually build my assets in my underwear – how cool of a job that must be???

When you have your own job – you won’t get fired, ever.

And when there will be ruff times you just got to move forward.

Makes sense.

Don’t be a ZADROT.

Being competitive

If you want to be in business you got to be competitive.

Personally me – I hate the shit out of competition.

The way I look at everything from a business perspective is be so good they can’t resist you…

Making your own brand, making your own job is easy while making profit from what you want to do is really difficult.

I want to be so good that people would pick me on default.

It sounds easy on paper but when you want to achieve it – it becomes really hard.

You know what’s easy? To sit on a chair and watch TV while eating chips and comment on the events – this is real easy.

If it would be easy to make millions, everyone out there would be a trillionaire. If people read books on billions and ask questions on quora – how to be a billionaire then they will never ever be one.

Nobody can advice you on becoming rich, just because there are billions of books about money and yet, people are still poor. It would be easy if a book for 15$ would solve this problem.

The only one’s making profit are the one’s who teach you.

There’s limited amount of money people spend in 24 hours. Money is not infinite. When money is finite then the success is finite, poor players get nothing while successful ones get everything – this is the way it works.

You’ll wait many years until people will pick you. Nobody’s ever going to give you something – you’ll be waiting a long time for someone to give you something: opportunity, career, cash or something.

There’s no point in waiting and stalling.

While one sits on his ass waiting for the perfect day, others go to university to learn or read books, or audio, or video and gain knowledge thus leaving the sitters far away behind.

If you suddenly became awoke – now you’re 30, this means you’re 10 years behind everybody else.

I guess we’re just bunch of losers. There are some winners and the rest are losers. One has to accept it.

Elderly respect

The problem I see amongst the young is the fact that the young don’t respect the elderly.

I used to disrespect the elderly but yesterday I walked from the clinic and saw some elderly guys and gals. And it popped to my head.

If people can survive until this old age, they must be having a great lifestyle.

If you see a dude who’s 80 years old, you got to respect that dude because his lifestyle was good enough to keep him alive for 80 years.

Back in the day people died just after 30 years, so in that early age – no matter how I lived I would be dead and now, thanks to society and it’s intelligence I can live past 30 years, even when I’m seriously damaged and sick.

Despite how life sucks and whatnot – you want to live longer if you have 40 years to go maybe aging problem will be solved because aging is like 100% death rate.

If god gave us life maybe then we should be living for ever in this life, not in paradise.

Thus saying, there maybe some conspiracies out there, but I can assure you that there is no conspiracy against humans. Well, it depends on info channels you listen to.

Some information is there to mislead you.

When the life quality will get better for all people the average lifespan should increase. Someday maybe 100 years will be the average. I don’t know I can’t guess into the future, but in the past life expectancy increased so it will increase and maybe someday aging will be solved.

Aging is not biological, it’s physical as this video tells

By the way, he has an awesome beard.

In my case, I was born a philosopher and in reality I can’t solve any practical problems. You can’t solve aging with philosophy. With philosophy you can’t solve anything and it sucks. Should get more knowledge but the more I get the less smart I feel…

Belief in Gods

If people believe in gods and hope that someday something good will happen then it might be that people can believe anything with enough “evidence”.

There are many people talking about gods, therefore there are churches and other structures which market the idea of god.

But you have to admit one thing – belief is a very, non intensive behavior of the mind. You don’t think – you believe.

To prove that praying to god is an useless concept. I pray that lightning struck you this moment. And you’d then realize that people can interfere with “plans of god”.

There are smart people believing various claims due to evidence, but you see with abstract things you can create evidence for yourself.

Enough people claim the evidence then it becomes a sect.

If you have a sect, you can then make money.

You see if a breatharianism was a thing, then nobody would die in German Concentration Camps from starvation in fact world hunger wouldn’t be a problem because at any time you could switch to BREATHING, RIGHT?

You can’t die if eating is just an addiction.

It’s easy to get lost in claims of random people when they’re self proclaimed experts.

Then again, when you’re in a sect you have different opinions and values and rules. The Sect “How To”.

Believing in Gods is mythical understanding of the world.

Because all people are deluded in a way, you want to be in a group which is the most close to reality. Therefore science which studies the chemical, biological and physical world. You don’t want to believe in something that is ungraspable.

People think that the body is somehow like the car and the self is the driver, but when you get a hard hit with a car then you and your car are dead.

Thinking about the soul and the next life is simply irrelevant.

What is relevant today, is survival of my body as well as yours. Because the self is living in a material world where he can’t do anything without the material body.

Just don’t go to the church and tell that your god is a made up thing because the sheep will punch the shit out of you.

Brainless, mindless

When you look at the scope of human intelligence, when you look at what is made by humans, from space travel to outer space messages, you realize that you are mindless.

What’s your purpose in life and how can you make billions of dollars if you’re mindless.

This makes a smart man wonder what other kind of knowledge is out there.

If one is smart, he is always in doubt of the knowledge he has. He’s always doubting.

Knowing things is just one thing, but actually understanding things and remaking them is the other thing. Most people don’t know how to make electricity or a match to start a fire. Many people don’t even know the basic technology what to talk about advanced technology.

And you see many people walking proud pretending that they “know” something when in fact their heads are empty as just flushed toilets.

When you look at the scope of known knowledge which you don’t know and when you think about the unknown things you start to realize that indeed – you are mindless.

And yet again – the knowledge you have is just a belief.

To become an innovator – you have to go to companies or universities that are innovative, otherwise you’ll never make an innovation. If you’re smart – you’ll rediscover things which were discovered many years ago.

Then again you should be grateful to society for what it made you. because without society you would be a tarzan or a mowgli, a monkey without hair.

Many people walk around the streets hating the planet, hating each other without even realizing the advantages this society gave them.

Waste of time

The age is computer. Computer generated soulless shit due to fact that no computer will ever have a soul.

If people will choose to read computer generated shit over something handwritten by writers then it just means that people themselves are soulless machines full of shit.

When I talk writing. I talk art itself. People know how to read but they don’t know what to read – this makes pure sense to read computer generated text.

If people care about the product then it doesn’t matter who produces the product because text product is just some arranged and rearranged letters.

Humans can spend years on crafting a masterpiece which never gets to people while computers can generate text under few minutes.

Computers don’t create, they generate.

If writing will die as an art form then you just can assume that people are dead already.

There are many philosophies out there, but there are no philosophy readers. – George Carlin.

It makes sense, text is always produced – the garbage is forgotten or never discovered. Text wellness is subjective and reading itself is time consuming.

Who decides what is good and what is not?

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