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Day: November 15, 2018

How to be

Well my friend today told me that successful people don’t do anything until they’re successful, after they got successful they started doing things.

That got me thinking.

But how do you become successful if you don’t do anything? You can’t be successful blogger if you don’t blog, or how you become a successful writer – if you don’t write.

How do you become successful comedian if you don’t even try?

People just hope that success someday will come and you’ll become a comedian, in a instant!

Being a janitor is simply irrelevant to your writing/comedy career. You don’t want to do things that are irrelevant… O_o.

How can I know if I’ll end up alone?

Nobody really knows how life is supposed to be. Being with someone else is just a standart for people. Most people want families and kids and etc. I don’t.

Maybe later in life I will find someone. But I”m not searching.

The sign would be if you’re a guy or a girl who has no friends and nobody to support you during your harsh times – just your mother or father.

Many people live alone. It’s just the way it works.

The second sign is if you’re unhealthy. Girls don’t want to date other unhealthy guys. And healthy guys don’t want to date unhealthy girls.

It’s just a gene game. And money.

If you have money and are not sick – you won’t be alone. At least you’ll have a chance.

Other people

We might assume that we know what other people think about us but it’s faulty assumption.

People are so in their lives that they just don’t have time to think about us. Sure maybe they want to hear from us but they don’t think about us – once again it’s an assumption.

We can assume that we are special and people use their time to think about us, or we can assume that we’re not so special and people don’t have the time to think about us.

This makes pure sense. Do you think about Brad Pitt? No you don’t even when he’s famous.

Money and irresponsibility

Since I’m this nihilistic irresponsible guy I realized that irresponsible people don’t have money.

On one hand making money should be easy but in fact it’s really hard. You need certain talents to make money, if you’re an average guy with an average IQ and have no plan – you most likely won’t make any money, sorry for being so pessimistic.

One thing that can make a change in one’s life is to have a vision.

If you see a guy having only his job, but no vision – that’s bad because you’ll get used to your job in awhile, but then again visions guide people through life when they have no job, no money and nothing – no status, no prestige – nothing.

People who have nothing, strive for more while children of the rich become bitches. The legend tells this way, I don’t know.

Smoking and body fluids

I’m not an expert but I think when a human smokes, his all system of fluids becomes toxic.

It’s strange that we as adults know that toxic things will ruin our bodies but we still keep on doing them.

I’m glad I quit smoking, I hope I won’t fall back.

Survival is the most essential thing in life even if life is dull and you don’t have billions of dollars.

Sure money is good it gives access to the world and freedom but you have to remember that everyone is competing for that dollar.

After smoking for a long period of time – you have to quit even when you quit there’s a lot of time that has to pass in order to clean your body from dirty fluids.

It’s not so easy for your body to flush all those toxic fluids.

If human’s body could flush all the fluids it has gathered over the years of smoking – nobody would die from cancer and shit.

But people aren’t stupid – they want to make you buy tobacco and they want you to buy the health plan in order to prevent you from smoking.

If people wouldn’t do things for capital the world would be a different place, but now profits before humans.

After years of trying to make some bank – I realized I enjoy free time. I don’t want to sell my time to some motherfucker and I don’t want to sell my health… you know tobacco, beer and junk food – I had that life, there’s nothing good in it.

I’m also not a sports guy so my best bet is to THINK what I PUT in my BODY.

If my body won’t be healthy, I will be sick and unable to walk and god knows what more bad things will happen.

Actually I want to live longer. Self-destructive behavior won’t let you live long enough.

I just want to see all these guys die who are self destructive. I generally think that a person with diseases like schizophrenia and heart disease can outlive a healthy guy who is doing that self destructive behavior.

Also Bruce Lee had that wonderful life, he’s known but he lived what? until 32? Two more years and I outlive Bruce Lee…

I think that human heart has somewhat equal amount of heartbeats. The faster it beats the less you live…

I like to save energy.

There’s a lot of bad discussion about fat people but fat people will outlive all skinny ones when there’s war or crisis or chaos.

Being fat means you just can survive for longer.

Body adapts to the lifestyle. Sometimes I think that the body controls the mind, not the mind over body. I guess things in life are just plain random.


Minor changes

The thing is that if one smokes cigarettes and drinks beer and is eating processed foods, he won’t feel good.

Few things everybody can do:

  1. Quit smoking – currently non smoker for 3,5 days, had no withdrawal.
  2. Stop drinking beer and other alcohol and drink just water.
  3. Maybe stop eating processed foods.

If you’re a person like me who is lazy to exercise – you should think what you put into your body.

I been smoking since 11 grade, so it’s 12 years? I’ve been enjoying junk food but then again I got fat.

Changing your habits and your behavior is really hard, don’t believe those guys who tell that it’s easy.

Changing one’s diet will be much easier than going to the gym and lifting those weights. Personally me – I don’t need any muscle.

I would build muscle if it had some practical benefits but I don’t have to lift or move anything in my life so having muscles would be kind of useless and besides I’m freaking lazy.

Bad Chef

Let’s say there’s a chef in the kitchen.

He makes delicious food, but if people get overweight due to his food – he’s a bad chef despite the tasty food.

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