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Day: November 13, 2018

Your 3 main intellectual assets

Every person who wants to do what I do, have to have 3 main assets.

  1. Blog
  2. Podcast
  3. Video

These over a long period of time will explode and make you famous.

First step is to aquire a website, where you’ll put your main stuff.

The next step is to buy a microphone and start a podcast.

The third step is to do some basic videos with your phone or webcam. You don’t need nothing fancy.

Everyone starts from the bottom and moves up the ladder.

I hope you don’t want to work for some motherfucker.

If you are located in vilnius, lithuania – I can give you work, but I won’t pay you nothing.

Everybody has to offer something, not likely

If you’re reading this. I bet you have some eyeballs. This is good.

Many people that everybody has some value to offer.

But despite all the ill. Normal people do in fact have something to offer.

In the aspect of life experience, despite how little searches your offering has – you have experience that is worth something.

Making money is easy. Doesn’t matter if you’re making money online or offline.

Everybody makes money on their own, if they have a buyer.

Everybody can raise their income. Don’t believe it? Sell your old stuff on craigslist or ebay.

And voila, you have some money.

Now the second thing is – getting something you can sell. Being a reseller isn’t a bad thing.

Every sale has certain aspects to it. Despite how you are living today – you need to understand that people who make sales often are rich and those who don’t make any sales are poor.

When you go outside – you see all these poor people on public transport and most likely in every bar.

You don’t want to take advice from a person who works ten years and is poor. I haven’t worked ever in my life. But people come to me when they need some cash, I’m sure not rich, but I want to be. I’ve read all these blogs on money making and I can tell you that making money online is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to accomplish.

Don’t believe these guys who tell you that making money online is easy. Because you will be discouraged. Instead believe that it’s possible, but if it doesn’t work for you – consider you haven’t got the right knowledge.

I sold some t-shirts, got some donates, sold some books. Personally I know it’s possible. It’s just smart work and when doing something online – you want to make a system.

A system which attracts traffic. Traffic is the hardest thing ever. Because there’s so much noise out there.

Giving quality will attract people. Attracted people will give you money if they want you to become something more than you already are.

Some people call me an arrogant materialist fuck, but I had a life full of misery. I tried many things and failed at many things until I found something I really enjoy and I’m good at.

About the hardness of life – if writing articles is hard, then everything in life will be hard, despite what you’ll choose. Sure not everybody can make money online.

I’m in a position to tell you that earning money online is possible, but making a stable income is really hard. And you want to do the hard thing. You have to pay the price today, so you can pay any price tomorrow.

Actually I don’t know how my blog will end up. But I will give it 10 years.

Success online is a hard thing to achieve, but when you’ll achieve it – you will be so proud of yourself.

You want to carve your own way. There are things that work and things that don’t. So if some people say this or that doesn’t work – you should try it for yourself, instead of blindly believing.

And that’s a fact.

Creating your own job

When you work in the work force – you are supposed to do what other people say. When you do what other people say – you get money.

But when you “work” for yourself – you do what you want to do.

As a philosopher joker guru I can state that there are no jobs for these kind of people unless you create your own job.

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