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Day: November 12, 2018

Everybody has life experience – what now?

You see many people have life experience, maybe it’s a good life, maybe it’s a bad one, maybe it’s you.

Let’s think about it. Good people learn from their mistakes while smart people learn from mistakes of others.

Sometimes you just have to make a mistake to know what doesn’t work.

To build an online asset use your personal experience as a foundation.

You don’t want people making your mistakes, do you?

I have an experience of a bad life that it’s sometimes hard to cope with, but then again I have experience, knowledge that is justified true belief.

You can build an asset on any experience you wish.

Life is dynamic and complex, therefore any experience of an individual is valuable.

What is valuable can be a great asset, if you make it an asset – so don’t overlook the opportunity. Many people can discourage you, but if you’re emphatic and can understand other people, then your asset can skyrocket your life and your career.

Many people skip building assets, but then again many people just aren’t rich.

If you want to be a rebel, you have to listen to other rebels, if you want to be rich, you have to listen to rich people because they have experience.

Asset building and cultivating people’s attention is really hard, but again it’s just another experience you can share.

Invest in yourself to become the boss

Always invest in yourself – no matter what, become an ever growing person who grows day by day.

Investing in yourself can be tricky

People around the world are poor even though there’s so much abundance. Investing in yourself can solve many problems in your life.

Many people drink beer, watch TV and just don’t do the hustle.

I used to be like that in my youth. I somehow thought that money will come to my life and I waited and waited and nothing ever came.

Then I decided to invest into myself.

Due to lack of money. I started listening to audio books from piratebay, because over the years I’ve realised that knowledge is power. Without knowledge people are useless.

Many people invest in themselves wrong.

You see all these people traveling the world just to show of. They spend their last cast not to build something amazing, but to have an experience which is temporary.

Young people have no enthusiasm. Young people don’t believe that this major abundance can give them things they need, want and desire.

Let me tell you straight – your experiences are useless when you have no skills to deliver them.

If people don’t know how to sell and make profit they will be poor for ever and you really don’t want to be poor in this world because this world can offer so much – yet many see problems, not opportunities.

I used to have a mindset that the riches of this world aren’t for me. That people have to be special to be rich but that’s not truth.

I’ve been dreaming about cash day and night and yet failing to do something about it.

Since the beginning of the web, I wanted money from the web and I kept learning and learning but withhold myself from action.

Your knowledge is useless if you don’t take any action.

There are so many problems to solve and stuff to sell that you don’t even imagine.

Sure everything takes time, you can’t expect to build a massive online business just over night if you’re working alone and have no money to invest into marketing.

You learn by doing

I told many times that you learn while doing and not fantasizing. Sure day dreaming can be good, but dreaming never delivers the results.

Imagine me: wanting to quit smoking, but I can do this only when I take action and commit to it. If I spend a day or few without smoking and then come back to smoking – my efforts will go to waste and I will have everlasting withdrawal from nicotine.

Imagine me: wanting to lose weight and build some muscle, or do some yoga but if I don’t change my food – my efforts will be useless.

Imagine me: wanting to travel around the world and gaining new opportunities. I could never achieve it by sitting and watching the TV.

I have to invest in myself if I want to achieve more.

Minor Changes

You don’t have to change every habit you have

man smoking outdoor

Photo by Davids Kokainis on Unsplash

Small changes you do every day can drastically change your life during the long period.

Creating your own job can make the difference over the long run. Sure I’m not officially employed anywhere, but when I’m self employed, I know that nobody will ever take this job from me.

I hate the term job. Job is something nobody likes to do.

To quit smoking you just have to never take another puff but sometimes it’s just too hard.

Everything in life should feel naturally. Even if sometime it feels like you’re an alien in this planet – many people feel this way.

You need comercial competence. – Jordan Peterson.


Life can offer so much to you – you just need to take it but some things take more effort than just reading an article.

Think, if you’re living in America – you have so much opportunities. It’s harder for me because I live in Lithuania but then again being online gives me access to citizens of America.

Why you don’t need free money

coin lot on glass jar

Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

Okay, there’s some discussion about money.

Everybody’s like obsessed with money these days, but then again – why not be obsessed when money gives you choice and opportunities and whatever.

Having a choice is good.

The problem with free money.

If you’re like me, you have got a lot of free money with no strings attached but the problem with free money remains. You’re always out of money.

To get a lot of money for free – you have to be born in a rich family.

In a sense, you want to make money because even a donation is actually a sale. You sell your misery or something else. Then people donate to you out of pity.

I say don’t pity the poor but instead teach them how to make money.

Making money is very easy when you know how to sell.

If people make tons of money via the web – so it must be easy, you just need to know what buttons to press.


The main problem poor face is that they think there isn’t any money for them.

Poor people just don’t know the game. There are millionaires in every country and I know several people in my kin who became millionaires and they told me that everything depends on me. It took me a lot of time to actually understand this.

Being rich is a choice

Currently I can’t teach you to be rich because I’m not rich yet but I’m busting my ass every day, investing, and etc, and learning, because I want to make money vie the web so bad.

When I will get rich I will teach you the schemes, I know that being rich is a choice.

Choice you make every day. Being rich in America is easy as Jim Roth said in this video.

I know that rich people don’t lie because trust and respect is everything.

It takes a lot of time to understand what they’re trying to tell.


 Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. – Maimonides

You don’t want to develop a habit of getting money for nothing. But when you’re an investor –you can invest in somebody and get some ROI.

There is a lot of advice about being rich.

In my case I need to start to hook up to a market.

Passive income is good, I like working with systems.


Why being lazy is good

primate climbing tree

Photo by Sebastian Molinares on Unsplash

I have to admit – I’m lazy as a sloth.

Been lazy ever since.

I’m a professional when it comes to being lazy.

Being lazy is good for you.

The story begins where all stories begin at the start, how crazy is that?

Laziness is a virtue only few poses. Everyone else – like fuck yea, just do it, but we – the lazy – we say fuck that, let’s not do anything.

As a lazy guy I can admit – I save energy for something more needed.

My life philosophy is about being as close to computers because computers are our nature, just because we’re animals of the information.

Fuck being in nature. Fuck being outside – and outside is scary.

I say this because 100 million people live in nature aka homeless.

If nature was so cool – nobody would build all these houses and all of this infrastructure so that we could be lazy forever.

Saving the energy

As a guy who likes to save energy for the purpose. I know that exercising and lifting weights makes you stronger but what do you do with your muscle? Just lift weights in the gym? Sure being good looking is cool if you’re insecure.

One has to decide.

  1. Do the looks matter?
  2. Or saving your energy matters more?

People like me are sloth type people, we can push our limits when there’s purpose. Sloth people know that the body adapts to the lifestyle you have.

If one’s lifestyle is bad, he might get fat. Because today we don’t have to starve until we catch some food. Living today is easy.

People can write with their computer, do some clicks and look – they have a full income, how easy can it get?

One’s nature

One has to look at his primitive side, the mammal side, the animals side.

Animals don’t work if they don’t have too. Many animals do nothing if they have good living conditions because let’s admit it – who wants to do stuff? Doing stuff sucks.

You see all these American motivations – work harder, do more, work more efficient and be smart, but if everyone does this then everyone becomes a machine, a cog in the system.

As a non-job guy. I been telling people to do stuff only if it fulfills them, if it doesn’t don’t do it.

Nature is dynamic – it revolves around you, it can smack you hard down to the ground or it can make you the kind of the modern age kids who worship idols as gods.

The body knows

Your body has survived for billions of years, it already knows what to do due to built in instincts. A person can’t imagine what body he has, it’s like the artifact with it’s own secrets. It just need circumstances to do stuff, if there are no circumstances it does nothing.

The ultimate goal of human body is to survive, essentially it doesn’t care about the conditions because survival is more important than the conditions.

Living good is good and people want to diminish unnecessary human suffering but other people do this stuff, if every single person is doing and working – you can slack of if you want because all the stuff will get done anyway.

In the perspective of the universe itself, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing stuff or not.

The universe doesn’t care about us. It wants to kill us every day.


If you’re feeling lazy, so be lazy.

The only thing you could do to make yourself healthier is quit smoking, drinking and use proper diet – your body will adapt to good food and you be healthy.

There is absolutely no reason to work hard when you’re consuming junk.

To stop consuming junk it takes a lot of awareness, because many people are not aware what they’re doing.

Aware people want a clean body.

If I had more money I’d be a fruitarian but to eat fruits you need more money than to eat junk.

Bruce Willis quotes

Not Bruce Willis, but Bruce the other.

To get somewhere – you need to know where you’re goin’

Give me some slack.

There was a time when starving men shat their pants.

Be like coffee.

Work easy – earn big.

Hustle so you don’t have to struggle.

Struggle so you don’t have to hustle.

When there’s an opportunity to sit down  – take it.

If there’s an opportunity to lay in bed – use it.

Because there aren’t enough opportunities for everybody.

Relax, take it easy and enjoy your life.

These are sure not made up.

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