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Day: November 11, 2018

Don’t let the hater stop you

When you’re starting out some creative venture, there always be people who dislike what you do.

And then they drag you down and do whatever it takes to stop you from your creative efforts.

But then again, like in every community there will be people who will support you.

Haters win when you stop.

Haters hate from envy, if there was no envy, there were no haters, because let’s admit it.

If you’re a serious guy, do you spend time hating somebody?

Of course not, you go ahead and mute a channel you don’t like.

Many people make their own opinions about themselves from the opinions of people who don’t like them. It doesn’t matter what you do, but if you got a hater or more of them – you’re doing something fantastic.

Don’t let the hater stop you.

How does online business work [interactive post]

This is pretty basic system which demonstrates how online businesses work.

To make money online you need three ingredients:

  1. People
  2. Product
  3. Conversions

It look easy at glance but when everybody is doing it, it becomes really hard to achieve certain results.


You get people by creating free content that is somewhat valuable and shareable. When you scale up then you can do more promotion to attract more people.


When you have people coming to your website or any other platform you then need a product – something to sell. If you can’t come up with a product, then sell somebody else’s product.

Everybody wants to sell, therefore there are plenty opportunities to sell.

Sales is the main mechanic in capitalism.


When you have people and some products you want those people and those products to convert. People get the product and you get some cash.

Sounds easy, right? Because it is easy, but it’s hard to accomplish.


Don’t get discouraged by people who tell you that there are no opportunities.

Many people are lazy and watch TV, drink beer everyday and don’t learn anything new for years, thus they get no competence which leads to not having money…

How to plan a website design structure

white and green sheetwork on brown surface

Photo by José Alejandro Cuffia on Unsplash

When it comes to website design structure…

… you want to keep in mind few things.

You design can make or break the website.

Over 10 years on the computer I saw some pretty bad websites, but I didn’t bother to give feedback, but now that I started my blog – I can give you some feedback.

Website structure

When you make a website – you want to list your whole website under or equal to 3 clicks. Period. Why?

Because people won’t bother to subscribe to your blog or buy something from you while they don’t know you.

If you plan on running a big complex website, you want to structure it that way – that is easy to grasp the website itself.

The problem with modern age is that it’s just to much information and people just like to do complex things when there’s no need for complexity.

Call to Action

When you’re building a website or plan to structure the website – you want to include call to action thus driving some engagement. You can have some traffic on your blog or website but if nobody is doing anything on your website – your website design structure sucks.

When people visit your website – they want to consume it, use it, buy from it, get updates from it – your duty as a designer is to make it so easy that a goldfish would know how to do it.

If there’s no call to action – nobody will do anything and it’s a fact.

Branding and Design

When you’re making a website – you want to brand it.

Of course logo isn’t the point here. Nor the author or company is the point.

By branding I mean – creating a story which your brand does convey.

If you started with fulfilling needs of the poor, stick to the poor.

Design itself should please the eye.

If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good. – Adolf Hitler.

People these days don’t care about the content itself due to content overflood. They care about the presentation. The better you present your content and your website – the better.

Just because the first impression is valuable.

If your website, brand, design, story look stupid and silly – it’s going to stick in the head of the user. You want to impress people if you want to make it in capitalism because nobody wants to do business with losers.

Purpose of your website

The purpose of well structured website design is to sell and sell a lot.

If you’re making a website just for people to look at it – you’re better of not doing it at all.

Every website out there wants to sell you something. Directly or indirectly.

When websites don’t sell, they go out of order.


If you don’t want to sell – don’t be in business.

If you do want to sell – you should know that eye candy and ease of use is the way to go, therefore nobody likes to struggle and nobody wants a headache.

On selling your own products online


two people handshaking above table with laptop

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

My experience with sales is somewhat limited, but from what I learned by doing some small sales online, I can tell you – If you’re new to sales, your products are going suck so bad that you can’t even imagine.

I’m currently experimenting with this blog, sort of.

I have created some products in the past, some eBooks but I haven’t marketed them at all. So I sell like 5 books per months at the lowest price, so I get a pack of cigarettes for free.

I sold some t shirts, 2 to be exact. And they were online for a long time, just under my Youtube videos. My videos suck from a quality standpoint.

Then I wrote some articles, after my post went viral on medium.com.

But I really didn’t like writing articles, hated it pretty much.

Since, technically I’m a loser – I don’t make real sales online, yet.

But the problem with my products, except writing, is that they suck. Really my products, are bad. I give them away for free, but my writing is worth 15$ per 500 words. I get paid to write garbage, but I hate it.

Being a writer who does requests is the lowest writing class. Unless you get paid to write what you want, when people want your craft the way it is – it’s really good.

If you want to make sales online, you’d better advertise products of other people. Products that do well in the market. If you’re advertising products that are made by millionaires or billionaires – you know those products are really good, because if not – how they became millionaires?

Most of the time, the problem with sales is:

  1. The product sucks.
  2. The product is irrelevant.
  3. The price is to expensive.
  4. If there’s something else – pop a comment because I don’t know.

As said before, before you’re already successful,as a writer orin other field – your products will suck. I can guarantee it, because if people don’t take what you give for free, they won’t take it for a price…

People used to give me donations instead of buying my crap…

Although my Lithuanian book was good, good very good reviews from people who have listened or read it. But I gave it away for free…

Everything boils down to marketing.

If you want to be a successful blogger, you have to market your blog which markets some affiliate program. This is kind of a funny method – really. No joke.

Because creating your own products is really hard. Producing high quality videos for youtube costs a lot. Gaining momentum in writing is really hard, because after writing for 6 years I got no momentum at all, because I haven’t started a blog, this was a mistake.

Then again, when you get better – you then can create your own products. Because people want to work with rich people, not folks like me.

I know just one thing: you can’t buy respect.

You built respect by being transparent. If you’re poor – you tell that you’re poor. If you suck at sales, you tell that, too. Because being transparent gives you respect.

If your products suck – give them away for free, until you build something that won’t suck.

I hesitated a lot about blogging. 90% don’t make any money, why is that? Because they suck!!! They want to sell their own shit without realizing that their own crap doesn’t have any credibility.

For example:

Imagine me creating this big deal for 10 000$, I’m not rich, but if someone would buy I would bank 10k. Would you buy? No you would not, because I have no experience.

On the other hand, this Grant Cardone is doing something for 10 000$, he has experience and he does a lot of sales, he has like 750 million… Maybe even more. Would you buy? Yeah, you would if you could afford.

If someone buys Grant’s gig for 10k I would bank somewhat 5% it’s 500$ from one sale. It’s good for me because I don’t have to do the talking and the anything…

His team does the sales and everything. I don’t do shit, just write my blog and have fun while the banner is on.

The other thing I realized. That it’s better to sell high priced stuff, because you won’t get rich by selling 0.30 cent books.

So before you rush to create your own products when you have zero competence and everything, while you’re not the best writer it’s better to do affiliate marketing.

Some guys say that you need to wait before you monetize until you get certain amount of traffic, but some dudes tell to monetize from the get go.

You actually don’t know who wants to get rich and if you solve a problem of the reader or web surfer – you may bank some cash.

The next thing is that your stuff will build up on your blog.

And then again, when people see Grant’s gig, they already know Grant – you don’t have to market Grant, he is well marketed in America…

The other thing is indirect sales. You do these with Google Adsense. But Adsense will give you somewhat 5$ per 1000 views, so it kinda sucks.

I heard that guys like John Chow, get 100$ per 1000 views. It’s O_O.

I would tell you how to do that but I don’t know it yet.

Increasing your traffic is really hard.

And don’t buy traffic, if there’s no way you monetize it, because people will come to your website and go away. Business don’t grow if you don’t invest into them.

When your website gains traction from the web, you can then sell ads on your website.

No matter what you do, you have to sell…, but if you’re not a professional at sales, give the pro’s to do the sales.

Bloggers have the ability to build audiences and every business wants more exposure because if the product has standed in market for a while and the more it’s exposed to the public, the more sales it gets.

The other thing is persuasion. You persuade people into buying, but if your products suck you won’t retain a customer. You want 100% satisfaction. You always want to underpromise and over deliver…

You want your bargain to be a steal… That’s how the big guys do it…

My story when I was click bombed for the first time

woman using MacBook Pro on her lap

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Click Bomb – is a term used to describe massive bot or user generated ad clicks on one website.

Click Bombs are there to crush your brand new website, there are evil people out there who can bomb you.

But my case was made by friend, he tried to make me some money since he was in Norway, and I was in Lithuania, I had the idea I can make money from a blog here in Lithuania despite the fact that no Lithuanian blogger makes money from a blog.

So the facts were against me.

I was young to blogging, had no experience with websites and with writing. I just wrote what was on my mind and expected people to come and visit my website, this was somewhere in 2012. 6 years ago, when I had some luck I made a decision to make my blog and it was a fucking failure…

My online friend came to my blog and pressed the ad like 10 or 20 times, it sure was a small click bomb, but what I learned from that experience is that when you have zero traffic you won’t bank a lot of money.

As a new blogger, your duty is to build a foundation and market yourself.

Besides having a Google Ad, will make you somewhat 5$ from 1000 visits, I bet there are better ways to monetize your web traffic. If you get 1000 visits a day, you don’t even imagine how popular you are.

1000 isn’t a lot as a number, but if you think about it, it’s 1000 people giving you some time.

Gaming the system

Audio Version

As a guy who earns money online and wants more of it, I always stumble on people who want to game the system, they want to bend the rules, break the rules or even ignore the rules.

If you’re a serious guy, you want to build your empire from the ground up.

If you spend time bending the rules, you will never invent your own rules.

Gaming the system is short-term and if you’re serious with money you want to build long-term relationships because acquiring a customer is harder than retaining one.

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