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Day: November 9, 2018

Delayed gratification and success

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If you played games like Diablo II, you know that you need to do a lot of grind to attain new and better gear.

In order to get some experience with a game, you need to stick to it for several months if not years.

Every business venture gives us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes if we stick to the game.

Sticking to the game is really hard when you fail and fail and yet, the more you fail the better you get at the game.

Many people don’t like sales, sure with blogs and vlogs you can sell indirectly, but if you made a sale or got an ad click – you earned some money.

Don’t think that sales is hard, think that it is easy.

When it comes to people’s complains – you should better listen to them, because complains offer an opportunity. Imagine if you could solve at least one complain a day.

Poor people can’t solve their problems because they’re poor. They don’t want to invest in blogs, in vlog cameras or in podcast making. They rather drink beer everyday and watch TV.

If you want to become rich – you should be on the other side of the screen. You want people watching ant stalking you, because if enough people stalk you – you get more opportunities than being silent and hidden in your dark room.

One has to understand that money is everywhere and making money online or offline is really a game. Poor people think that there is lack of money, I used to think that way and when I thought that way I couldn’t imagine I could earn enough to buy a new computer just by doing jokes and fart videos.

When I earned my first dollar online I realized that this is possible. I just have to up the game. Get some competence and do what I do best.

Sure going to websites like medium.com blows my mind every time when I see what people write on the top page, but then again – more than half medium posts don’t get any views.

Building your intellectual assets is really hard, but when you have some – your exposure to the world gets wider and you can attract more opportunities to yourself – that’s why I started this blog – to attract new opportunities and new deals.

I know that after some trial and error I will get better. I’m writing somewhat 6 years almost daily, sure I got some skills in this field.

But when it comes to building systems – you want to delay your gratification. Because if you spent time building an asset, maybe invest something into marketing – your business and your knowledge will grow exponentially.

Many people are afraid to fail and yet they stall and stall, hoping that some day the circumstances will change and they will get what they want, need and desire.

But without competence – you can’t earn nothing.

And you get competence by doing stuff, creating systems, building assets, even if it’s just one view – it’s really worth it because you don’t know who views your asset.

It may be a billionaire, it may be your future wife, it may be your new best rich friend – you don’t know.

Thus this gives some feeling of uncertainty.

But inside you always know that being uncertain is temporary.

If one sticks to the game, he then eventually will learn the game. And when he’s good at the game, he then will see some extraordinary benefits from his assets.

If you’re poor and listen to people who tell you that earning online or offline is impossible – you will be misinformed. Because there is so much this life can give you if you are willing to do the grind in order to attain new gear and new possibilities and god only knows what more.

If people tell you that your ideas suck and you’re bad at it, your only option is to stick to the game and get better at it.

Just because doesn’t matter what you’ll start in life, if you give up after few failures – you will never make progress and you will have a personality that’s underdeveloped.

By doing something and sticking to it for a prolonged time leads to awesome benefits and I know this because making assets via the web has changed my social circle and yielded some monetary results.

And if something isn’t right or working, you should not think about quitting but instead think about upping your game and gaining competence in any field you choose.

Can people actually will themselves to die?

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No. I’ve been doing it since 20. Didn’t work for me.

People die when their body can no longer work.

Imagine if people could will themselves to die. Then there wouldn’t be any suicide.

A person sits on a desk in a job and then he goes “I wanna die” and he’s dead – it would be ridiculous. Every human being would will themselves to die during harsh periods of life.

The problem with cheap

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So as a new blogger, I thought why not I just get a logo from fiverr, for 7$.

And this is what he sent me…


These logos are shit even for 7$, because I literally couldn’t use them anywhere.

If people want to make money on fiverr for prolonged times, they need to do exceptional stuff in order to maintain their clients.

If you’re somewhat into business you know that acquiring new clients is more difficult than retaining those which you already have.

That’s why building email lists is essential for any business.

Because if a person bought from you once, he may refer somebody to you or he can do another purchase. But he only will do this, if you will deliver an exceptional piece of work.

These logos are shit

Cheap is shit

Free is better. People who do their services for free want to get some credibility by doing an exceptional work, while cheap people want to rip you off.

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