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What is the biggest mistake of life?

The biggest mistake of life is to slowly kill yourself with poison.

I smoke I know it’s stupid, but I can’t help myself.

When you’re born healthy – you don’t want to use any drugs or toxicants to pollute your body.

Your body is the main asset in this life. If your body dies – you die. Period.

The biggest mistake is giving crap for your body.

Although not many people can imagine what a healthy body is.

The Doctor

Funny thing I noticed yesterday, was a man talking about eyesight.

It was an interesting video, here look at it.

I was looking it due to fact that I don’t want to wear glasses anymore.

And I came with theory that eyesight, just like muscles and whatever your body does just adapts to your lifestyle.

If you look at close distances most of the time, why do you need to look at far distances?

It’s just a theory, but this post isn’t about that.

This post actually is about the image.

If a person on camera puts on a doctor’s suit is he a doctor?

To make my point I can tell that anyone can mislead people on video.

What is the best investment?

The best investment for far that I’ve made is investment in my own knowledge.

You need skills in order to be successful in a capitalist monetary system.

When people steal or lure your money out – you then have some skills to make money again.

Skills are more valuable than money.

A lot of people I have encountered in my life here in Lithuania, want money and they want a lot of it, but they fail to realize that if a person doesn’t have any competence, he will fail making money. Nobody gives money for free, nobody cares if you’re a dying artist, nobody cares how much effort you put in growing your skills. What people care is the value you can bring to their life.

When you have the right skills, money making is actually an easy task. All you need is some skills, a service or a product and the right buyer, then you do the exchange.

Every person on the planet wants more money, but there aren’t solutions for people who have got no money, all you’re left to do is sell time in some job, but if you got no skills nobody is going to hire you.

So before you go and buy a bottle of beer, think about it.

Social Validation

Whenever you embark on this quest of creativity.

When you want to express your own ideas on particular issues and maybe, just maybe you want to make money doing it.

You will encounter the wall which is Social Validation.

  • if people validate you and your work, hoorah, you’re in.
  • if they don’t – you’re out.

It’s doesn’t matter what we’ll choose to do, what matters more is if we will be accepted to do what we chose to do.

How do you get Social Validation?

This is a tricky question due to fact that everyone is competing for the same social validation, as if we need permission of others to do what we want to do.

We can sure pick ourselves to do what we want, but we can’t validate ourselves.

It’s up to the masses to validate us and accept us.

Audio004 – The ‘asslickers’ around.


I hope you can relate man if you had ups and downs in your life.

Impressing the asslickers is really easy when you have the cash but then it goes really hard when you’re out of cash,

Drop a comment, if you can relate.

Changing the world

The fact is that the world has been changed so many times.

It’s possible to change the world but it requires big amounts of force and order.

You can never change something without order.

If somebody wants to change the world, he has to emit great energy from within and this is rarely possible.

What do you do when people ignore you?

I’ve been in the ignore stage for a long time. This is just how the game works for people who never go viral.

At first people ignore you so you would get discouraged, I got discouraged many times, but I just kept at it.

When people realize you won’t give up by being ignored, then they going to fight you with their online rants, tell you that you suck, you have no life and you’re miserable fuck.

Then they’re going to laugh at you and they’re going to laugh at you for a long time, but then again a person who is afraid to be ashamed should not do anything shameful, right? Wrong, person who wants to build his tribe, should make every possible mistake in the alphabet.

And then, after all the knockdowns you’re going to win. Winning actually takes a lot of time, therefore many people give up.

You just have to show up despite the facts against you, because otherwise you’ll never going to win. And they will win, because they knocked you down so hard, you couldn’t stand up – you don’t want that.

Being an individual is a fight against mediocre people. Most people are marionettes and they don’t know it.

Thoughts that build Self Esteem

“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.” – Morpheus.

Life can give you whatever you want because there is so much abundance.

Don’t believe me? Look around, you see businessmen, teachers, lawyers and other people who are so into the system and want to protect that system.

The system is unfair to a certain degree but it can provide you with everything you desire – you just have to play by the rules of the system itself.

When it comes to understanding the system, you have to notice that there isn’t any system or anything, there’s just bunch of people who are trying their best to survive.

Everybody is pursuing his own desires because everybody wants to be fulfilled.

You just can’t sit around and expect to be fulfilled because nobody will fulfill you if you won’t do anything. Every person is in the market. Some people are very competent and useful while others have no use at all. If people are useless to the market they feel worthless.

Being worthless sucks, I’ve been there. I felt worthless.

There are two ways to feeling.

You accept everything you are told and you accept the value the market gives you, or;
You don’t accept anything you are told and provide the market with the best that you’ve got.

Every person out there will drag you down because it really is hard to build something when you don’t have any money, reputation, competence and anything – it really is hard and don’t believe people who say everything is easy.

Building skills and competence takes time, but you are ahead of many people if you’re building yourself up. Everybody who is doing nothing is actually falling behind.

It’s your choice to play the game by the rules or not, but if you won’t provide anything to the market you will be poor forever. By saying poor, I mean miserable.

I’m not a hypocrite, I used to be, but now I’m feeling this sincere feeling towards humans. For years I was helping people to understand things for free, I thought my knowledge is worthless while some folks told me that I throw away gold for free and you don’t want to throw away gold for free because we live in a monetary society. One has to produce some coin to be worth something.

Don’t believe people who tell you that producing things is easy – it’s not. It’s easy to produce and it’s hard to sell. If you can’t sell your knowledge, your wisdom or your experience – you probably have nothing valuable.

Eventually the market decides what value you’ve got, but remember you can always increase your value because you can learn every skill out there if you really want.

I never saw a valuable person in the market to be in misery. Miserable are those who have no value or their value is deeply hidden.

You can’t increase your value by drinking beer and watching dumb shows on TV, when you put dumb stuff in your head – you have dumb stuff in your head. You must be aware of it because when people watch farts they have farts in their head it’s so obvious but many people don’t understand it.

Everything you put in your head is shaping and shifting you and you want good stuff in your head because you are stuck in your head forever.

Many people are lost, they have no idea what they want to do and what they want to achieve despite my efforts to explain and guide people, they are simply stuck in their own reality.

Reality can give you whatever you want, well, not reality but the market since a sale is simply an exchange but when you have nothing to give – you can’t get anything simple as that.

Most people tell there is no money and people have no money but you see people doing monetary exchange all the time…

Having self esteem is not simply “thinking in a confident way”, you can think confident as much as you want but if you are not producing any results you will be feeling worthless all the time.

Certainly there is a way of thinking but to feel real confidence and self esteem you got to achieve something because nobody gives respect to people who have the means but aren’t doing anything. People without limbs and arms are achieving more than people who have the means.

Simply said, many people have lost the interest in money and life and achieving things due to fact that everything seems to be corrupt and unfair but bare with me – everything is always going to be unfair and corrupt to people who have no competence and aren’t willing to grind.

Everybody knows that sitting on a couch and watching TV doesn’t produce results but then again, maybe those people don’t want any results? When you don’t want any results, you can’t complain about results not happening because I know – nobody wants to be around a person who whines and complains, I used to do that and I noticed – it doesn’t work.

Complaining solves nothing and does nothing but it makes you feel good when you complain, one has to overcome the complaining stage – I guess, because it simply means that one is stuck in life when he complains but nobody is going to tell you what you need to do.

There will come some theoretical knowledge if people knew what to do – they would do it themselves, isn’t it so?

If a person wants to solve problems in the practical worth he must do something practical, not theoretical. Theory is theory and it’s always in the head.

The problem isn’t that one can’t achieve anything in life, but the problem is that many people wander without focus and when they are without focus – they stall.

As long as you stall without focus you will never achieve anything.

I hear many people tell this: everybody can be a writer and write a book. But they themselves haven’t written anything. Writing a book is the least a man can do if he posses some knowledge.

Writing a book makes you an instant expert. There are many people wishing about changing their life but nobody wants to do the change because doing the change is really hard.

And sometimes the change is simply irrelevant.

If a person wants to do something, he must do it because the opportunities will never come. I’ve been waiting for opportunities a lot. I wrote one book and told myself: if people don’t like my book maybe I’m a bad writer and then after few years people told me that my book is the best they have heard in their life and they want more.

Sometimes to move forward a person has to get some evidence that what he is doing is really great and not everybody can do it.

People are lost, people assume there is something magical that’s going to happen in their lives. I can assure nothing magical won’t happen to you, of course people are winning the lottery and becoming rich by other means, but it’s not about other people – it’s about you.

Will you become rich?

Will you attract the lottery ticket? If so, when?

Will you go to that lady you liked for many years, if no – why?

You see all these people having wonderful lives, enjoying their days – you know there must be something wrong with you, the way you think, but then again you don’t want to shape your mind according to the society, you want to shape the society according to your mind.

One doesn’t have to do all these drastic changes to change all the life. It’s a step by step process. Quitting smoking is that easy and yet, most people fail. Why is that?

Getting in shape is that easy but most don’t do it but they wish they would be in shape. I’m not in shape but I don’t wish about it. If I would wish, I would do it.

If you can’t do something – stop wishing, period.

Someday, sometime, it just won’t come and man, time runs out.

Many people do random things in life just because they aren’t focussed. I used to drink, smoke – I was so lost but I always knew I will be a writer, I knew I will make money online but everything was bad for me I didn’t change the goal, I changed my methods.

You see, people change goals. Once I went to a gym for one day and then I changed my goal. I decided to drink only water and then I changed my goal, many times I made a decision to quit smoking but after few hours I changed my goal – when you change your goal, you won’t achieve anything because the goal is undefined.

If one is pursuing something, or if he at least wants to pursue something – he has to have a DEFINED GOAL.

Because if the goal is not defined, there simply won’t be a clear decision on where to go.

Even when the goal is defined – the road will be bumpy sometimes but that shouldn’t scare a man who is willing to go on a bumpy road.

Focus on what you want, not something you don’t want.

If you are feeling worthless then invest in yourself and build worth. Even the crippled man can produce something good if he is willing to do it because most aren’t willing.

Simply said, most aren’t willing.

For many years, I accepted defeat. I thought that life simply happens to a person and he can’t do anything about it. Then I started reading all these rich guys and they tell that you have to build life and it makes sense because you can’t sell a book which is not written.

That made a lot of sense to me when I was younger. It took me years and years to understand things because I was skipping school, not going to university but I was always expanding my knowledge just because everything was so hard to understand.

I wouldn’t expand my knowledge if everything was easy to understand, the more I learned, the dumber I got, because you just can’t learn everything and that’s why you have to have laser targeted focus on what you want to become later in life.

Everybody is going somewhere through time, but most aren’t aware where they are going. To shift the finish line one has to be conscious of what he is doing and believe me, many people aren’t conscious of their behavior. I know, because I used to be unconscious.

Some people see, some people need to be guided and some never see and don’t want to be guided and this is their choice, you can’t do anything about anybody, you can only do something about yourself.

You can’t expect somebody else to change and you can’t expect opportunities to come into your life. Just look at problems and solve problems, do whatever makes you kick.

I just want to be honest with you, there are many people who want to misguide the ones who have less information. I don’t want to do that.

Audio003 – How to pick a market?


Me talking about business and the market, you want to be in a market which has some money in it.

There a lot of things to learn in business and you better be learning, not stalling.

Because stalling and complaining makes no difference, sure there are times one must complain, but complaining is just a phase in life.

Drop a comment if you liked my talk.

The First Free Apple

When you look at sales as it is an exchange, getting your first apple for free to sell makes a lot of sense.

If you won’t get a free apple – you won’t be able to sell it.

This raises a question: how do you get a free apple?

There are many situations in this life: some are born rich, some are born poor, some are born with resources and some are not.

Free apple is simply a thing you produce yourself: it can be a book, or a blog, or something that doesn’t cost you anything to produce and has some value in the market.

When producing your first free apple be sure it has demand in the market because otherwise you will be producing rotten apples which have no demand.

The $1 problem

I see these kids wanting to be rich, but to be frank I got to state the obvious.

If you can’t earn $1 – you can’t earn $1 000 000, which makes most people simply incompetent to earn this kind of money.

Me included because if I was competent. I would be rich already.

I play the game in the field to win, but winning really takes a lot of work which is simply fruitless.

Back in the day I used to make money but now I just can’t understand what happened to my knowledge. I guess the market and the circumstances have changed.

When people around you get poorer, you then get poorer.

If you want to make $1 000 000, you have to be in a market which has this kind of money, because if the market is empty, you won’t make that money despite your efforts.

It’s the market that gives us money and if the market is poor then there simply is no money in it.

We all know what we need to do

I know I was going to be a blogger since the blogging start, but I always hesitated to start due to some lack of knowledge – I knew what I need to do to become successful and thriving, but I didn’t do it.

I spend maybe 10 years experimenting and my life is full of trial and error.

Sometimes what you do gets counterproductive – you don’t want that.

I tried vlogs, blogs, music making and anything I could do with a computer, nothing worked.

But I was good at article writing, I knew I needed to start a blog. I just didn’t.

I know my blog is going to be a failure, but at least I’ve started it, so I’m kind of ahead those who don’t start.

My doubt dragged me for a long time. I kept stalling and waiting for the perfect circumstances, but those didn’t come.

I knew since I was little. I’m going to make a business. I just didn’t knew what kind of business.

I deleted my youtube many times and started over and over.

I know you, I can relate to you, because being consistent is actually hard with all these distractions, but then again, if other people are making some cash out of producing content via web. So maybe you can too? Think about it. You know what you need to do.

It’s just a matter of doing, not stalling and doubting.

Audio002 – How do you know when you have no competence?


Just me talking about competence and how to realize that you have no competence if you were jumping from one idea to another recently.

It’s not the idea that matters, but the competence to execute and accomplish the idea.

How to survive as a Social Outcast

No matter what the social outcast does, he will always be an outcast.

Unless you’re good looking, rich or famous – well not, if you’re an outcast.

Outcasts don’t fit into the norms of the heard.

The heard has it’s own standards, norms and other cliche things. Being in a heard is never an option and besides heards are dangerous.

I don’t want to write a long post about what it means to be an outcast just because every outcast knows that being one is simply loneliness – you’re never accepted.

You can do whatever you want, write books, poetry, whatever man – you will never fit in, unless you will be shoving garbage in your face on a live stream to impress people.

You know what, fuck those people, they’re the heard and you’re not.

It’s so obvious so instead of fitting in, try to contemplate a skill or a craft, not because you could show off, but because you would have something to do in your lonely “miserable” life.

Being in misery is somewhat special. You then see the real world, the world of not so luxurious. When you have nothing you see people as they are.

And they are shit. To be frank.

Now that I’ve insulted the heard, nobody will buy my stuff, poor me.

It can happen, but it probably won’t

In today’s age everyone loves the lies, the lies about money and life and etc.

The world promised us that we will be rich and famous and working hell of a lot less.

I’m going to admit – I won’t change your life, you are the one who has to do the change.

But sometimes people just get stuck in their own head.

If you committed to making money online then stick to it – don’t go wandering around.

Imagine every idea you have is a nail then you have to hammer every single nail of yours.

Some people say that doing the same thing over and over leads to insanity but then again, you build a beautiful castle brick by brick.

Post by post leads to your “castle”, it can happen but it probably won’t unless it’s built.

On the other side

Whenever someone is looking for happiness, like the fairy tale tells it’s on the other side.

Doesn’t matter what are you looking in this world – it’s always on the other side.

There’s status quo that you need to pursue something, achieve something and everybody out there is to guide you or to tell you that you suck and your knowledge is poor.

Due to society’s expectations – you are never good enough.

And when you are never good enough – you want to get to the other side.

But you can’t if there is no bridge.

So it’s better to be on your own side than to go to sides which you can never go to.

Sure a man should strive for something but then again – strivings of a modern western man are just ridiculous.

Trusting yourself – why it’s so special?

Let’s admit one thing.

If you can’t trust yourself – why anyone else should trust you?

Trusting your own gut is in some people, other people don’t trust themselves, we know this due to big demand in psychology and depression and etc. I’m not a specialist in psychology, but I know one or few things.

Don’t let other people’s opinions shape your behavior, in general my blog is for individuals or people who want to become the best within their capabilities.

I don’t write fluff or bullshit that’s common in other websites.

I trust myself, do you?

If you don’t trust yourself, think about it this way: what can I give to other people? Can I carve a new way of life even though nobody trusts me?

Being trusted is really rare, when everybody wants to scam everybody. So one has to be transparent and vulnerable as much as possible because this builds up strength and trust.

Many people which I know, don’t trust themselves and think they are worthless, sure some are young and some are old. Old people have experience, but don’t have time, young people don’t have experience but have time. So it’s a fair trade off.

If you had some harsh times in your life, you have a lot of undiscovered strength within you, but you level up by doing hard things. It may be will building, patience building, or any other building that you think suits you and your personality.

Remember, that there isn’t a single individual who knows more about you than you.

Nobody knows how you should live, I’m sure not the one who can give you a life goal.

If you have some strengths, work on them. Forget for a moment about your weaknessess.

Just because there is no time to think about weakness, because when you have a strong side – you are way above others in that field and you’re just slightly of from life you want to have.

Sure it can take many years to build that life, but you’d better try to do it. If not – you’re going to be in the same exact spot for the rest of your life.

Sometimes you just have to bruteforce things to your advantage.

If it’s hard, to it more, so you got used to it.

Doing the hard things gives you strength – think about that and execute, because one’s ideas without work are useless and worthless.

Selling Time vs Selling Products

Imagine you have one month of time with which you can do whatever you want.

What would you do?

Would you build something? Or would help someone else build something?

Many people choose to help others build something due to fast financial reward.

You go to work and sell your time, but then again – you don’t have any time left.

Or you can choose to build something over a period of month which later you can sell and sell and sell.

I never understood why people sell their time instead of building something cool.

Building something of your own is very hard. But when you build it it remains built.

The Choice

Let’s illustrate a point:

It’s a popular video I just watched recently.

It visually shows how life is going to happen when you do what you do.

Everybody has a choice.

Big or small choices become habits and people consist of habits.

You just can’t be a man without habits.

The truth about the web and money

When I first started going and doing stuff online I wasn’t aware about one truth.

The web is working 24/7 and people surf the web to read stuff or to buy something.

Not that I’m saying you’re going to buy something from me, but bare with me.

Money is always circulating wherever online or offline. People always buy things, even people without big streams of money – they all buy stuff.

So your duty is to provide a solution to a certain problem.

The more problems you solve – the more money you get.

Essentially a blog is to market yourself, doesn’t matter what you have to offer.

If people find your blog useful – you are going to make money even if you don’t want it.

It’s hard to build trust and respect, but when you build it – you can make a fart video, your reputation isn’t going to go anywhere.

When I was experimenting with online video – I made some serious vlogs on philosophy and the matrix and made some dumbed down jokes and fart videos. And I noticed people share fart videos instead of my philosophy.

I can make a point which is also a fact – people don’t like serious stuff, they want farts, but when people watch farts – they have farts in their heads which makes them not a smart bunch of people.

People on facebook consume whatever you give them. They’re always looking for new stuff – good or bad, doesn’t matter as long as it keeps them laughing.

So if you want to be in a good position later in life – you got to create something that is worthwhile despite the views. Views, likes, shares are great, but they won’t make you money.

I spent a lot of time building my tribe on facebook, but then facebook started banning me. So I had to quit. Sure I didn’t have a massive following, but I saw one major thing – you don’t want to build your tribe on some other website which can ban you anyday you disobey the policy, so I started my blog and I’m doing everything again, I got a lot of facebook bans and youtube strikes, so I didn’t had any choice but to built my own website.

Actually I don’t know how long it will take to build up, maybe never if I take seriously what other people are saying, but I can bet one thing – your platform, if you build it, will make you known and expand your social circle – it’s the least it can do.

If I’m lucky, or if you’re lucky – you will bank some profit.

The most valuable thing in today’s society is the human attention – where’s the attention – there’s the money.

You don’t need a massive following, you need just some.

I know you can do it, I can do it too.

Forming Simple Business Solutions

When it comes to business you can make money just by licking the clitoris.

You can’t imagine how many wives and women are unsatisfied with this.

All you have to do is look decent, maybe even you’ll get a fuck or two.

When thinking about business, you don’t have to think about these multi billion dollar ideas.

Some pussies want to be licked twice or thrice.

Business is providing solutions to other peoples problems, of course you don’t have to be in the pussy licking game, but you need to turn on your imagination.

Since I started working online, I earned some cash from Lithuanians which is insane!!!

You can’t even imagine what you can do in the English market, the world is full of opportunities. You just need to figure something before the market gets saturated but then again taxi drivers never have saturated market because as the day rolls the next comes in.

Some sources of income are ever lasting.

Listen to the complains.

Men don’t have pussy that’s why pussy sells, maybe some pussies don’t have a dick, it might sell – you haven’t tried it.

Just think about an idea that makes you comfortable with it.


Pick and Stick

Many people don’t know what they want it seems that there is a misconception that people find themselves and find what they like to do.

You solve this problem by picking an occupation and sticking with it.

You can’t find yourself if you don’t try anything, because your findings are simply theoretical not practical.

You can’t experience new things you’d like in your head.

If you like theory try philosophy and writing, talking, if you don’t like philosophy and are more into practical things try things that don’t have a big learning curve: driving a bicycle, skating, skying.

If you would like something that needs a lot of work, try guitar, piano or any musical instrument like harmonica.

It’s easy to start but hard to master.

These are just examples hence you can pick any occupation within your life. Look at life like a video game or just play a video game and become an expert in it.

Audio001 – Becoming an entrepreneur


Ok man, this is my first ever audio recording via internal mic in English but I’ll promise – I will get better.

I hope you’ll enjoy, if you have any questions or advice or any feedback at all – leave a comment.

Business Basics

Before you build a product, build your demand.

You can check out existing demands in the market or you can make your own demand.

If your product is build before demand, nobody will buy it.

You want to be sure that the market will pay for your product.

You can create a product for everybody, or you can niche it down to a certain degree.

Always invest money in your own business because the business will make you money – someday.

Building a demand on a personal brand takes very long, there are sure easier businesses.

Also, don’t pretend to be a pro if you are not a pro. Because the pros will see your knowledge lack.

It makes me laugh with sincere

Whenever I see a man writing about women it makes me laugh with sincere, how do men know more about women these days?

To Love or to be Loved?

When my grandmother was alive she asked me:

What’s better to love or to be loved?

And since I was all into philosophy I told that love is better than being loved.

Every emotion we have are more powerful than those which we don’t have.

I love my cactus, had somewhere a video of it, can’t find it.

A man can only love things that are static, a man can’t love something that is dynamic, if a man loves someone which is dynamic, the love will fluctuate. Sometimes love will be bigger, sometimes lesser.

Even when a man loves himself, he sometimes hates himself, since the man itself is dynamic and not static.


Maybe not matured enough

When it comes to arts, I have a feeling that many struggling artists haven’t let their art to mature.

I been writing for years and still fear that my art hasn’t matured enough.

I write about 30s now, when I’m old I’ll write about 90s.

Makes sense?

Despite the life

When it comes to living. It really doesn’t matter how we live what matters is how we feel about it.

If you have no limbs and hands you’re must be doing great if you have positive thinking, when you have a million bucks and have the negative feeling in your head – you must be doing bad.

It’s the feeling in the head that makes us feel how we live.

If we feel bad today despite what we’ve got, we are probably not respecting people who lived generations earlier, they had nothing built and survived!

Some people will leave you blind

The fact is that many people tell lies, they don’t want you to know certains truths.

Like in money making, you don’t need to pay anybody to be rich, you just got to know certain truths. I don’t know them therefore I can’t tell you nothing about them.

People who make money by teaching you how to make money, this is a simple scheme, but if people choose to boost you up, or give you some motivations, sure they don’t have anything good to do.

Motivation and money making is a big industry. If somebody gives you money for making a sale, be sure you made them more money, if somebody buys an ad on your website, be sure they make more money from your audience.

Sales is kind of tricky, if you want to sell big – sell food, because food is a necessity

If everything told online was true, all people would to the same exact thing and be rich, but life and economics doesn’t work that way. Just accept it and swallow it.

The Hello Effect

If you want your people to say hello, say hello first. Nobody wants to look not friendly, but as soon as you stop saying hello, the hello’s end.

Nobody says hello first.

I did this experiment, every time I saw my neighbor I said hello, for couple months, but then I stopped, barely someone said hello first.

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