Justice is always scarce.

We live in a society which isn’t just at all.

So true justice is always scarce.

People are equal only on paper, but in fact we are random people from random countries with random interests and behaviors and random dreams.

We have to create a system which is just for all.

We in fact need a better world because currently the world is unjust.

Why some people live in scarcity.

Smart people took all of our resources and made us buy them.

The place is sure abundant, but why then we have commercials of fast credit and quick loan. This means that people don’t have money.

Imagine a business where you give money for more money. These kind of businesses should be prohibited.

Wherever you look, you find a quick loan button if you can’t afford a product. Fast credits are everywhere these days.

There’s a conspiracy, how can the 10% of people have 90% of money and 90% of people only 10% of money. This is pure nonsense.

When you want to catch some fish, you gotta pay for the license.

Soon you’ll have to pay for a license to pick mushrooms and other gatherable goods. I bet some countries have it already.

As well as smoking, medics say smoking kills and smokes are still in the shop, nobody can sue them, nobody can destroy them.

The place is abundant and still many people live in scarcity, it’s because major companies hold all the resources. Karl Marx criticized capitalism, saying the we build products and then they are taken away from us and then we have to buy them with the same money that we earned. Some people like my capitalism criticizing.

Capitalism is nonsense because you have to be permitted to work, without permission to work – you are somehow prohibited to work.

One day my brother said: I don’t want to work and they employ me to work hardly. This is the truth, capitalism encouraged competition while we would be better of collaborating towards greater good and the resources should be shared as Jacque Fresco said.

The smart men take all the resources. Money system is a big scam which supports only the rich.

Most successful people will feed you bullshit.

Many people envy successful people because everybody wants to be successful.

Like Bob Proctor, he talks about law attraction. That you just have to reprogram your subconscious mind.

His talks sure are interesting, but he’s an author and authors have to have some twisted thing like mysticism.

Bob Proctor believes that a phone is just a vibration, in fact everything is made out of vibration and you have to align the vibration to the thing you want.

No better way to be successful than to talk convenient lies to people.

All this self help crap is for losers like me, because we like when somebody tells us that we can do something if we truly want.

If law of attraction is true – I should be rich by now, because I was thinking about riches all my life, but I didn’t know what to do to get rich – shouldn’t I just attract money, or business idea, or something to be rich? It’s law of attraction… isn’t it?

Many successful people don’t care about the vibrations, they even don’t know how to use a computer or smartphone properly. They sure don’t care about Bob’s nonsense. But since Bob earns a lot of money, his nonsense helps people, right? Or maybe people just want to feel good during his courses.

He says, that everything was here and is here, the place is abundant. But back in the day when I was a kid, there were no computers, no cellphones. People back in the day had to struggle for survival. Now it’s 100+ years when Europe doesn’t think about its survival. Even when the elements of computers and cellphones were here, they had to be found and rearranged to build such systems.

If people would just sit and dream about vibrations, nothing would be invented. Knowledge is obtained by doing, testing, thinking and sacrifice. It would be easy if you could pray to Jesus and the required item popped out of nowhere, then it would be easy.

The think and you’ll get approach is such a scam for stupid people like me. I always fall for that, there’s nothing easier than hope, belief. In fact, belief is not thinking. Belief is a pleasurable experience, while thinking is hard.

I just want to tell you – don’t fall for this think and you’ll get everything you want, because I was doing it for years and I’ve got nothing.

Law of attraction simply doesn’t work. How much time you got to spare before you give up believing all that nonsense. Year? Two? Ten years?

If you want something with the law of attraction – you’d better hope for the rest of your life.

Let’s say it simple. Imagine that I want a blog but if I never sit down to write one – I will never ever have a blog. The same with law of attraction, you just can’t sit around idle and hope miracles will happen. Sure something might happen due to chance. But leaving your life to chance is kinda risky.

The law of attraction, the secret, is opium for the people.

You see, when people hear pleasant things they get attracted to the speaker, but when somebody tells something to the people which is not pleasant, they automatically get distracted from the person. I know this because I speak and write controversy for years.

That said, don’t be fed by bullshit.

I want to earn money while I sleep, who doesn’t?

Strange people.

Believe me, we’re surrounded by strange people.

One does that strange thing, the other is a chronic liar.

Man, wish all people were normal because now everybody’s like insane.

It’s hard to be sane amongst insane people.

Before you write a book.

Book writing is hard for me. At some point in my life it was easy, but now it’s hard.

Before you write your book, be sure to gather an audience.

Because there’s nothing worse than writing a book and giving it to nobody.

From my standpoint, I figure that it’s better to write a blog before you write your book.

Blogging is like giving samples of your book

Experts around…

There are many experts who can teach and guide you and they can help solve your problems.

That said, everybody today is an unqualified expert.

Surprisingly everybody wants to help you. They truly can solve your problems, well at least they try.

I have to note that most people are in fact not smart people, me included.

This would be as if I was teaching you how to survive gonorrhea or syphilis. Of course I haven’t got these diseases, but I’m an expert.

One person yesterday told me to take to take a holistic approach towards my disease, as if the meds were just a business to keep people sick. I’m not a big believer ir holistic approaches.

Why would they invest billions of dollars into creating a drug, when you just can pray to jesus and all of your problems will go away?

I just want to tell that some people might be not so smart.

Don’t underestimate the stupidity of the majority.

Struck by schizophrenia.

Back in the day, to be exact in 2012 and earlier. I was employed, I had a girlfriend, I wrote my first book, I had more friends.

Fast forward to now. I barely have any friends, I’m not employed, I have no girlfriend and I’m a nolifer.

This is how schizophrenia hit me. It hit me hard.

To note effects of schizophrenia. There’s apathy, fear, anxiety and other stuff.

But when I look at other people affected by this disease – man, I’m still lucky.

Although I don’t know when my symptoms will get worse. When my symptoms get worse all reality distorts. I’ve been in a distorted reality and it felt good.

Before my first psychosis I had no clue we might be living in the matrix, but after my first psychosis I’m convinced we are living in the matrix.

If reality wasn’t a chemical signal interpreted by my brain it couldn’t be distorted, so it appears there’s some signal going through my brain. Man it’s complicated, I can’t cover the details. Because I’m not a scientist.

But when reality distorts it becomes so strange. I’m sick with being sick with schizophrenia. I couldn’t imagined that such disease would strike seriously on my motivation. I feel so demotivated, I feel motivation just to write, but if I would want to do things like go to the gym, or to a the cinema, or to the theatre, or anywhere else I don’t want to do it. I just want to sit at home and write my blog.

This disease sucks because it raises the apathy. Apathy is like small depresion – you feel apathetic towards most things. Apathy is when you don’t have any mood. Depression is when you have a bad mood. As far as I know both depression and apathy are due to chemical imbalance in the brain.

It’s strange how the mood is affected by chemicals in the brain. It’s very strange. The other thing that makes me sad is social problem. I feel that many people misunderstand me and my jokes. Wouldn’t it be great to have recognition amongst people. As a social creature I need social validation, if people won’t validate me on my blog, this means I’m a white crow amongst black ones.

Anyway, schizophrenia sucks. I can assure you.

Some people tell me that schizophrenia is an advantage. Some people encourage me to go out and steal shit out of cars and from kids. Man this is stupid, why would I do that? Maybe I’m schizophrenic but sure I’m not a thief and a liar.

You won’t be rich, unless.

If you’re like me an 30 old fart. And you sit without money. Great news for you. I have figured this out – you won’t be rich unless you change the routine.

I’ve been creating vlogs for over 4 years, they don’t do well now. I pissed off people with my controversy.

People got bored of the same background and the same old vygis.

Anyway. Then three months ago I started this blog. Hoping I could attract some followers from outside of my country. And as it looks, I haven’t, yet.

Most of my readership is still Lithuanian, I sure should do better at marketing but whatever man.

I’m doing this old stuff and it doesn’t bring me any cash. You know – everybody’s following the rich guys with interesting lives. Me, I’m fucking boring.

I figured out I should focus more on my blog than my videos. My videos are effortless and they don’t produce anything. Sure I earned couple hundreds euros, but now I earn nothing. My videos don’t have any ads. I just get 300-400 views a day. My videos are lame and youtube doesn’t market them.

Anyway. You are poor if you’re reading my blog. I know you’re poor, because rich people don’t read blogs like these – they read magazines to follow the real world events.

The problem here is that we’re old farts. At least I am. I’m 30. This year I will be 31.

During my life I was philosophizing about the cosmos and whatnot and really didn’t care about the money. But people change as they age.

And now I have this recurring thought about money. I need money, I need it badly.

Now I have to compete with all worlds bloggers, just to get the traffic. Man if it wasn’t for money I would live a wonderful life.

I know my videos won’t make me any buck. I should stop doing them, but some of my fans demand more. I sure can’t quit and maybe, just maybe, my youtube will take off. But I really doubt it.

When I’m poor – I can’t teach people about money, when I’m not successful – I can’t teach people about success. That’s why my stats are lame.

Since I’m a failure – I can teach people about failure.

I just keep trying and trying until something good will happen. I do blog, I do videos. But it’s not what the majority wants and since the majority isn’t attracted to my shit – minority can’t find what I’m offering.

You won’t be rich if you’ll continue living as you’re living. If the inside doesn’t change – the outside won’t change as well.

That’s the problem. Money is a difficult aspect. It’s really hard to make money when you don’t have anything to offer. A sale is simply an exchange. You can always make a dime if you have something to offer.

I had this watch and cyclists glasses. I put glasses for 10€ and a watch for free– people kept asking about the watch, but nobody wanted the glasses. You see, if you have something – don’t give it away for free.

My problem back in the day was, that I wouldn’t bother with sales. I just gave everything away. And now I don’t have money. Giving away for free isn’t worth it – because people don’t value what they get for free.

To be rich – you have to sell something. But when you’re out of resources – what will you sell? Knowledge sure sells good, but the web is oversupplied with knowledge – it will be really hard to sell it. Especially when you don’t have an established blog, like me.

If you don’t have an established position in some field – nobody’s going to buy your knowledge. Your knowledge will be worthless. Everybody’s buying from the experts. Sure you can be an expert if you know one more thing that your client. Sure you can be the expert, but personally me – I won’t buy from such expert.

I’m an expert on failure – I keep cycling in my head these thoughts: “why I am a failure?” Because I don’t work? Nonsense. Because I can’t produce value? Nonsense, I produce some value. Because I’m passive? Maybe, I sure could do better at marketing but I’m too lazy. Maybe I’m a failure, because I’m lazy? But man, I’m prolific when it comes to writing. Maybe my writing sucks because I don’t have an established position in any field. Maybe.

However I think. I’m still a failure. Although I’m successful by my own standards. It’s just a fact that people don’t take me seriously after all my jokes. But whatever man.

Being rich, being rich – being rich is very hard. It’s all I can say. Attracting that fucking dollar is hard. I can’t call myself an entrepreneur, a sales person, an author because I haven’t published any books – I just wrote them, so I can call myself a writer.

Writing is interesting but it doesn’t yield me any money, that’s the problem with writing. I don’t write for other folks. When I write some shit to other folks I earn 15€ per 500 word article. This is good money because you can write such article in one hour if you don’t have to do any research. But when I write for myself, I earn jack’s shit.

Being rich has to do something with extraordinary skills. If you won’t develop any skills to an extraordinary level – forget about being rich, just forget about it.

I’ve been writing for 7 years almost daily, I haven’t learned anything. Writing is easy to start but it’s really hard to master that’s why it’s a big challenge.

Writing is hard to master that’s why I love it. I just get drawn to writing. I’m a good writer because I always have something to say. At least I think I do. It’s for you to judge if my crap is worth writing, but if I won’t write my garbage nobody will. Epic shit is still shit – you know.

For a person who has no resources and any extraordinary skills the only thing left to do is to sell time, but time is precious, you’d better think how to acquire time.

I never worked in my life because I knew few things. Selling your time is stupid and the other thing I’ve learn from Rich Dad Poor Dad is that to work on something you have to own it.

I own my blog, so I can spend my time building it even when it’s a long boring journey. Writing in fact is a long boring journey. Most of the time it’s very disappointing. But whatever.

What’s left to do when I’m living this boring life – just to write assumptions about it, because I probably don’t have the real knowledge.

I don’t want to sell my time to strangers. I don’t know them.

Anyway, when it comes to building a ‘business’ the first thing is to own the ‘business’ the second thing is to invest whatever you can into the ‘business’. If you don’t have money – invest your time.

It’s hard to say if it’s worth to put all eggs into one basket. I bet it’s not. But I have no choice. I just say this thing – if after 20 years I won’t earn anything. This means blogging is a really bad way to make money.

If I won’t make anything, at least 5$ a day then writing and philosophy is a bad career choice.

Also you have to have some positivity about your endeavours. I’m a pessimist and a negative person but somehow I have some positivity into blogging. I don’t know how and why.

Some things just choose us, don’t they?

If we can’t make riches then at least let’s be honest about it and let’s fail with originality.

Mad at ‘dream’ salesmen.

Yeah you heard me right. I’m mad at ‘dream’ salesmen.

Those guys want you to envy their life and then they’ll give you the secret lifestyle formula.

Man, not everybody can live the ‘dream’ lifestyle and sure you can’t buy one.

I heard numerous of stories, where people by the ‘dream’ and get nothing – just lose their cash.

Once I found this secret formula, how to make money on teespring, the guy was just selling 1-2 t-shirts a day and he made a course on it. A fucking ridiculous course, a webinar on udemy.

It’s the same as me making a course, how to sell 5 book copies on kindle. Man it’s the same.

Some people get lucky by chance. Others work hard to get lucky.

If I would be making cash from my blog, sure I would tell you how I make that money, because you couldn’t repeat my success. What’s success for one man is failure for the other.

I’ve seen countless of bloggers who blog more than 10 years they earn jack’s shit.

As yann said, only 1% of creatives earns money, the other 99% are producing what the market doesn’t want.

Blogging doesn’t have to be this long boring journey. But for most folks it will be. It’s just math.

I saw stories, where people are getting a lot of traffic in their first month from Google, sure they did a good SEO, but you won’t make it. It’s just math.

Blogging is a billion dollar industry, as John Chow said somewhere in his video.

But John is selling the ‘dream’.

When the market is oversupplied, all whats above the demand is useless and nobody cares. That’s why it’s hard to blog for profit.

Those experts say, that it’s easy, but I’ve been writing for years, elsewhere, and all I got is clicks – not profit.

Building your tribe of loyal followers is hard, and if he’s a follower it doesn’t mean he’ll buy something from you or donate to you. They want your free stuff.

The moral of this story is that there are no shortcuts or secrets to making a fortune. I wish there was but there isn’t.

I’ve been looking for easy money 10 years, while I surfed the web while being a nolifer – I found no easy money. Making money is hard, well, for me it is.

Maybe there’s are guru’s who make a lot of money easily, I bet there are, but to make a lot of money easily – you have to create a lot of value for your client. And creating value is the hardest part because most people are incapable, that’s why the majority is the middle class.

When you have nothing to offer, you can offer information – stuff which is in your head. But you might have a lot of knowledge, you can pack it into an info product, but show me a niche where there is no competition? If there’s no competition – you knowledge is valueless.

One person told me, that my knowledge on blogging is valuable, but I don’t want to write shit everybody else is writing. There’s enough blogs on blogs – believe me.

unpleasant truths and comforting lies

Everybody cares about sweet lies and nobody cares about the uncomfortable truths.

Statement that we all can be successful is a false statement. When two players play a chess game, there’s just one winner and the other is a loser. They both can’t be successful because a draw is not an option.

Unpleasant truths are not popular because they are unpleasant and make you uncomfortable. Everybody’s seeking for pleasure these days.

I’ve been writing about the truths of life, that made me very unpopular amongst people. The world would be a better place if there was collaboration instead of competition and the resources would be shared – this is what Fresco told throughout his life. But as he told, he could not get to people.

In true nature, the place we are living in is hostile. Every predator sees us as food, but my story isn’t about that.

Lies give you comfort. Would you buy a promise, that you’ll live a wonderful life? How ever we look at promises. This promise is a biggie. That’s why guru’s have a big following, that’s why millionaires have a big following – because they promise that someday you’ll be a successful and enlightened millionaire, if not billionaire.

This is the story, as it follows, despite countless books on money and enlightenment people still need guidance. There in fact isn’t any secret methods. Most people whom I know are simply incapable of being rich. They don’t have the talent. And if a person can’t be rich, he’ll go on a spiritual path. If you see a billionaire driving a lamborghini and you are living in a barrel – this can rise a few questions about your life. Why the fuck the world is unfair? It’s fair in theory that all men and women are equal, sure we’re equal on papers.

But people get born with different skill sets, different capabilities and different understanding of the world. We can tell that we are born to be rich, or we are taught to be rich. Anyway. I got a guitar. I sure spent a lot of time learning it, but I don’t play like jimi hendrix. The same with your ‘dream’ life.

Just so you heard, how jimi plays

Anybody can tell you do this, do that and you’ll be living the ‘dream’, but doing it is way harder than telling. Telling is easy – you just tell.

Many people can’t quit smoking, including me, and we wish we will be rich someday. It’s ridiculous.

I have to admit, I’m incapable to be rich, because I can’t produce anything good and valuable. If you’re reading my blog – you too are stuck in the same boat as me.

But I can tell you – if you can’t pick up an apple, you got to create the apple.

Money in fact is grown on trees. If one apple is 1 cent. You can grow some cash on it. Money is made out of trees and people print as much as they want and desire. There will never be a shortage of money because the place if abundant.

The problem is that some people live in scarcity despite that the place is abundant. If you live in America – you see that shops are full of everything, even here in Lithuania shops are with goods and are abundant of everything.

The problem here is that people who live in scarcity can’t produce anything the market wants.

I chose blogging as an occupation, because I can produce texts. They cost me nothing to produce and maybe someday, somehow, I will be paid for the effort I do. The problem with text is that you write for one person and the same effort goes when you write for one million people. People choose on their own what to read and what not to read. It’s their task.

There are a lot of people who speak in English and I bet some folks would love to read my blog.

Anyway, the ‘dream’ is that someday, somehow, someway, you’ll be living like a enlightened billionaire, but why not today? What’s the problem with living today?

You should live your life today, because tomorrow might never come.

We might not even become what we want to become. That’s the problem.

You don’t have to buy the ‘dream’, you have to build it.

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